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Everybody needs fintech in their lives: Sparkasse meets Fintech Start-Up

Creating the most innovative products

The Kasseler-FinTech fino, founded in 2015, partners with partners to create innovative products that people expect in a digital age. Sparkassen Innovation Hub (S-Hub) develops ideas for the savings banks of tomorrow with the help of two-week product discoveries.

The two parties finally came together

Therefore, it was only a matter of time until the two parties came together: at the start of the S-Hub project in the spring of 2017, fino and S-Hub brought together ideas and customer understanding. In particular, fino’s core competence came to the fore: understanding bank accounts. Together, we came up with the rough idea of giving Sparkassen customers a better way of dealing with their own finances on the way to “fulfilling their wishes”.

In April 2017, the joint Product Discovery took place in Hamburg. An interdisciplinary team from the fino and S-Hub carried out a market research, designed the smart wish filler Wishable and implemented it as the first dummy.

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