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Exclusive financing tips for creatives by Hermann Hauser and Max Scheichenost

In which phase of the company is venture capital meaningful for creatives and how can one attract the interest of an investor? These and other important financing questions are answered by two real superstars of the international investor and startup scene: IT pioneer and co-founder of the Institute for Entrepreneurship Cambridge (I.E.C.T.) Hermann Hauser and Max Scheichenost of Alps Ventures and FALCON Agency.

More venture capital for creative industries

“One of the success factors for a successful team and business model is, start smart, scale hard”. I try to build new companies from existing structures and then scale them, “reported Scheichenost in his presentation on founding, building and scaling of companies. In addition to exclusive insights into his investments, Hermann Hauser shed some light on the differences with the US and brought the Cambridge Phenomenon closer to the audience: “The international venture capital scene is currently focusing heavily on artificial intelligence, blockchain, synthetic biology and quantum computing. Venture capital has a key role in fast-growing sectors of the economy. Austria still has some catching up to do here”.

The Chairman of the KAT, Gerin Trautenberger agreed. It must become even more creative that venture capital to implement new business ideas or the further development of the company is a good financing alternative: “For creative people, it is more difficult to get a classic bank loan due to the strict requirements of banks. We want the industry to have easier access to finance and more risk-taking for investing in intangible goods”.

Awareness for the creative industry

With the creative industry talks, Kreativwirtschaft Austria informs creatives and multipliers about topics related to their entrepreneurial professionalization and the future development of the creative industries. The series of events is made possible by the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location as part of the Creative Economy Strategy for Austria and the WKÖ. (PWK203 / ES).

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