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Finalists of social startup initiative 2019

The six finalist startups of the Social Startup Initiative that include Deloitte Austria and Impact Hub have been announced. The social startups, which focus on supporting recognized refugees, are now starting a six-month incubation phase.

“Our finalists are especially mixed this year. From music to fashion to sports, everything is represented. In addition, a special focus has been placed on women who have fled. We are pleased to see that this group is also specifically supported by a number of initiatives,” says Christine Jama, Program Manager at Impact Hub Vienna. In cooperation with Deloitte Austria, Wiener Space is already hosting the third round of the social startup incubator found.

Six months to optimize the business model

Now, a panel of judges selected six finalist startups to enter a six-month incubation period. During this time, the experts at Impact Hub and Deloitte will work with the teams to optimize their business model. In the end, two winning startups will be chosen for further financial support and pro bono advice. “We can found at! already look back on some success stories. The numerous applications for the third round confirm that the potential of social entrepreneurship in Austria is far from exhausted. And the need for successful integration of refugees is more relevant than ever today, “says Bernhard Gröhs, CEO of Deloitte Austria.

These are the six finalist startups:

The Viennese startup has developed a technical solution to learn languages while watching TV. In this way, refugees should be supported playfully in their linguistic and cultural integration process.

Bags with legs

Bags with Legs is a fashion label from Vienna. The focus is on the creation of jobs for women with a refugee background. They will produce handmade bags and should thus get the chance for a self-determined, independent life.

Open Piano For Refugees

The Viennese project Open Piano For Refugees, in cooperation with the music institute DoReMi, focuses on the expansion of its music school offerings. They hires refugees as teachers.

Kicking without limits

Kickers without Borders is an open football project for young people with a flight experience. The Wiener Verein made it to the finals with its initiative Job Goals. Here, the young players are to be supported in entering the education system. Among other things, they can take part in vocational preparation courses and taster days at companies.

Social Bakery

Social Bakery is a startup of the Diakonie Refugee Service. The project is aimed at refugee women with increased access barriers in the labor market. They want to create jobs in the bakery and sales business.


The Viennese startup KulturenReich focuses on immigrant women in the field of entrepreneurship. Through targeted training and contacts to relevant companies and networks, women entrepreneurs are to be supported in their entry into the Austrian market.

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