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Find Out Platinum Prices In Australian Dollar Using An API

Are you looking for a service to see metal prices? If in addition to this, you add the need to see them in Australian dollars. If this is your situation, we have something that will help you.

Platinum is a heavy metal, it is located in the periodic table in group 10, exactly between Iridium and Gold. Its atomic number is 78, its atomic mass is 195.08 and it is represented by the symbol Pt. It is a rare metal in the earth’s crust, it is normally found together with other elements such as nickel, copper and chromium. This element is very useful for industrial procedures and laboratory activities.

Today, platinum is essential in numerous industrial processes and the manufacture of products, from fertilizers to anticancer drugs, through fiberglass or the thermoelectric couples of furnaces. In the automobile industry it is where it is most used, this to reduce the emissions of polluting gases. In chemistry on the other hand, it is used as a catalyst element, to speed up chemical reactions and increase their efficiency.

Unlike other metals, in recent years its price has decreased a lot. In fact, the general average indicates that its price in the last 10 years, fell by almost 40%. That is why, if we have an industry in Australia that requires this metal, we will have to make sure to buy it at some appropriate time (when its price is cheaper). Last year to give an example, its price fell by 10% and it was an opportune time to buy.

Find Out Platinum Prices In Australian Dollar Using An API

In any case, Metals-API is the ideal tool for this type of situation.

Give Metals-API a try!

Metals-API is an excellent API that can offer you pricing for a wide range of metals like platinum in a variety of currencies, USD, Euro and Australian Dollar of course. Besides, it has an accuracy of 2 decimal points and a frequency as high as every 60 seconds. It also allows you to choose a variety of programming languages, like JSON.

Thanks to this tool and its absolutely reliable sources of information, you will be able to know when is the ideal time to buy platinum. This way, you can save a lot of money.

Follow the steps below to get it:

1- At, you can create the API key.
2- Choose one plan. There are a free option and 2 paid options, each with its advantages and disadvantages.
3- Before performing the API request, select the platinum symbol and the currency you wish, Australian Dollar in this case.
4- Then all you have to do is hit the “make the API Call” button and you’re done!

Find Out Platinum Prices In Australian Dollar Using An API

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