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Do You Want To Know Where They Are Visiting Your Website From?

When we talk about geolocation, we refer to the identification or designation of the geographic location of an item; such as a mobile phone, radar source, or internet-connected computer. Thus, IP Geolocation can be defined as the technology used to locate a particular IP address to the geographic location from where the device is connecting to the internet. Through this technique, individuals or organizations can identify or estimate the real-world location of the device that you are using to connect to the internet. This technology provides details of your device’s location such as the country, state city, latitude/longitude, zip code, and even the street if fine-tuned further. If you want to know Where They Are Visiting Your Website From, keep reading this article.

Regardless of the area to which you dedicate your website, IP geolocation is an essential tool to improve both; the experience of your visitors and yours when it comes to generating content. But the truth is that there is currently a large amount of software of this type. The high popularity and usefulness of this technology have generated a large quantity and development of supply; so sometimes choosing a good API of this type can be cumbersome. Therefore, below we will tell you what for us has turned out to be the best IP geolocation API: ipXapi.

Do You Want To Know Where They Are Visiting Your Website From?

IpXapi: The Best IP API To Know Where They Are Visiting Your Website From

If we talk about IP geolocation, the most complete API is IpXapi, which is an API that allows you to locate and identify website visitors with an IP address. It provides all kinds of information; such as the customer’s location, what connection they use, zip code, security, and much more in real-time. Using ipXapi you can implement geo-restrictions on a website, optimize ad targeting and deliver specific experiences for customers based on their location.

Do You Want To Know Where They Are Visiting Your Website From?

How often does the IP data update?

It is integrated with multiple channels delivering real-time IP data which is why the database used by the ipXapi API is updated regularly, with up to 24 database updates per day.

How many API requests can ipXapi handle?

With 11 years of constant optimization, the infrastructure behind ipXapi and the ipXapi API has grown to become highly scalable and efficient. Currently handling between 2 to 3 billion API requests per day.

How much of the global network does it support?

Data coverage is growing by the day. With ipXapi currently supporting more than 2 million unique locations in over 200.000 cities across the globe.

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