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Find Out Magnesium Rates API In Canadian Dollar

Are you Canadian and need to acquire magnesium? If your answer is yes, we want to offer you an impressive tool.

Magnesium is a metallic chemical element, the seventh in abundance on planet Earth and a constituent of essential ions for life. It is a light metal, silvery-white in color and moderately strong, insoluble and highly reactive, so it is usually found in compounds and salts. In addition, it is alkaline earth and its chemical behavior is similar to that of calcium, a neighboring element in the periodic table. It is represented by the symbol Mg.

When it comes to uses, this metal has many to name. For example, it is used in alloys with aluminum (to make cans, containers and auto parts), its oxides are used in the production of iron and steel, glass and cement, it is used in medicine as a purgative, disinfectant or psychoactive drug and as a reducing agent in obtaining uranium. In addition, it is indispensable for the living cells of plant and animal organisms.

Because it is such a widely used metal, Canadian businesses must buy it to supply their 38 million people. But before that, they must have their price and update it frequently to avoid changes in their rates. The market is like that, one day it goes up and another it goes down, better to be safe than sorry. For that, we will use Metals-API, a tool that will serve as an alarm in this type of case.

Find Out Magnesium Rates API In Canadian Dollar

Why Metals-API?

Metals-API is an API, that is, the interface that allows the exchange of information between two independent software components. It is designed for investors, traders, and anyone else interested in buying, selling, or trading metals. It allows you to quickly and easily get current world market prices for any metal, including gold, silver, copper, and of course the metal you need, magnesium. Thanks to this system, you will be able to choose the right time to invest in this metal.

Don’t worry about the currency, the Canadian dollar, as well as 170 other currencies from around the world, are included in the Metals-API.

How should you use Metals-API?

1. First you need to go to and at the top right you will find “get API key”.
2. Next, the screen will show you the option to register and choose one of the available plans. One of them is free and the rest are paid. Read each one carefully and choose the one that best suits you.
3. After this select the metal and currency. In your case it will be magnesium and the Canadian dollar.
4. Lastly, make the API call.

As a programming language, you can choose between JSON and PHP.

Find Out Magnesium Rates API In Canadian Dollar

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