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Top 3 Popular Agriculture APIs For 2022

Are you interested in starting to invest in agriculture? Don’t know how to start? Read this article and learn how to do it!

Agriculture, like practically everything else, is experiencing a digital transformation. Farmers have lately implemented technology such as robots and sensors, plant science, “smart” farm equipment, rain and irrigation prediction tools, indoor agriculture, satellite images, crop monitoring, food tracking, data collecting and analysis software, and indoor agriculture. Farmers and ranchers may operate more accurately, effectively, and sustainably with this “AgTech.”

You don’t have to be a farmer to get the benefits of a successful crop. Investing in agricultural commodities allows you to reap the benefits of a bountiful season without having to perform all of the work. Adding agricultural commodities to your portfolio may be done in a number of ways. You may use a variety of commodities trading applications to assist you with portfolio research.

Commodity trading involves the purchase of actual, tangible goods or raw resources such as sugar or oats. A “stock” is essentially a share of a company’s ownership and an investment in its future. Commodities are focused mostly on supply and demand, whereas stocks are based on a company’s financial health. Commodities are often short-term investments with a higher rate of return, whereas equities are assets maintained for lengthy periods of time in order to optimize profit.

Agriculture APIs will be needed by developers who want to create apps for the agriculture business. This APIs are Application Programming Interfaces (API) that allow developers to engage with agricultural data and services. The Agriculture category of the Programmable Web API directory is the best location to look for these APIs. We recommend you this three top commodities prices API:


Commodities-API is a free and open website that utilizes an API to receive real-time data in a variety of currencies on up to 170 different goods on the market. We suggest it the most since the service receives data from financial institutions every 60 seconds and works with two decimal places of precision. Data and measurements from previous days, weeks, months, and years may then be retrieved in order to gain a better market position while investing. They additionally safeguard your connection with bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption.


Barchart is a world’s economic technology company that provides market data and services to the financial, media, and commodities industries. It gives you the commodity prices you need at the times you need them, and it delivers them right now. These open-source data APIs are easy to use, flexible, and scalable.


CommoPrices is a portal that provides up-to-date, accurate, and dependable statistics. They provide a diverse selection of commodities and raw materials. The liquidity of a market is determined by the amount of data it contains. For security reasons, they use HTTPS to encrypt requests between your browser and their servers.

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