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Find The Airline IATA Codes Of Copenhagen Airport Using An API

Do you want to learn more about Copenhagen Airport? In this case, we suggest a flight data API.

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, is the primary international airport servicing Copenhagen, Denmark, the remainder of Zealand, the Oresund Region, and much of southern Sweden, including Scania. It is the Nordic nation’s second busiest airport. It was the busiest airport in the Nordic nations before the Covid-19 epidemic, with around 30.3 million tourists in 2019. It is one of Europe’s oldest international airports. It is Northern Europe’s fourth busiest airport and Scandinavia’s largest for global tourism.

Find The Airline IATA Codes Of Copenhagen Airport Using An API

The airport is located on the island of Amager, 8 kilometers (5 miles) south of Copenhagen and 24 kilometers (15 miles) west of Malmö, which is linked to Copenhagen through the Oresund Bridge. The airport serves as the major hub for Scandinavian Airlines and also serves as a base for Sunglass Airlines and the Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Copenhagen Airport serves around 60 regular airlines and has a higher process capacity of 83 operations/hour, as well as 108 jet bridges and remote parking stands. Unlike other Scandinavian airports, the majority of passengers at this airport are foreign.

If you run a travel company, you and your customers should have access to information such as historical flights and IATA numbers. Using this data, you’ll be able to examine each airport’s operations, as well as analyze the profitability of alternative routes and activities, discover patterns, and keep track of competitors’ systems and actions. You need to use an API to do this.

As we can see, there are several airports with a lot of traffic all around the world. As a consequence, if you operate for a travel company and want to explore Compenaghen airport in real-time, you must search by the IATA code, which is a three-letter identifier given to airlines throughout the world by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In the travel industry, IATA codes are used to identify an airline, its destinations, and its traffic documents.

An application programming interface (API) is the best way to get an IATA code since it allows for the gathering of data from multiple sources as well as the reliability of the information. It links numerous devices to transfer data between them. To share the data with your users, you may incorporate it into your app or website.

Finding an API, on the other side, maybe difficult due to the abundance of them on the internet, and not all of them work in the same manner. As a result, we feel FlightLabs is the best API for you since it is one of the most comprehensive for obtaining real-time flight data, as well as being simple to use and very effective.

Find The Airline IATA Codes Of Copenhagen Airport Using An API

To participate, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account at Then look for the Copenhagen Airport IATA code.
  2. Your account dashboard will generate a unique API key for you.
  3. Hit the “run” button to finish the procedure. Your device will display the API.

An illustration of an API request is as follows:
? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY

This is the API response:

 "data": [
                            "id": "133",
                            "gmt": "1",
                            "airport_id": "133",
                            "iata_code": "AGF",
                            "city_iata_code": "AGF",
                            "icao_code": "LFBA",
                            "country_iso2": "FR",
                            "geoname_id": "6299365",
                            "latitude": "44.17361",
                            "longitude": "0.598611",
                            "airport_name": "La Garenne",
                            "country_name": "France",
                            "phone_number": null,
                            "timezone": "Europe\/Paris"

About FlightLabs

FlightLabs is an API for tracking flight information that collects real-time worldwide flight data from reliable sources. Because of the application of Artificial Intelligence, this is achievable. It will give you the most up-to-date information.

You can get flight schedules from over 250 locations and 13,000 airline firms by using the FlightLabs API. This API provides flight data such as departures, daily flights, arrivals, aviation taxes, historical flights, airline routes, and status updates.

Furthermore, because it supports a broad range of computer languages, including JSON, Python, and PHP, this API is quite beneficial for developers. As a consequence, you’ll be able to integrate all of the data into programs or apps with ease.

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