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FinTech and Challenger-Bank Neon hits the spotlight

As a challenger (non-) bank, neon confidently announces itself and challenges the established banks.

To put it straight: Neon is not a bank, but rather a FinTech that provides an account app. Behind the startup stands the partner Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, which is responsible for the account and the account management of the neon customers.

However, Neon feels like a neo-bank for its customers, and the range of services and services, as well as the (free) fee culture, also present themselves accordingly. We have reported several times on neon in the developmental as well as in the beta phase. Neon launched “officially” last week with his app. According to its own statements, FinTech has already won several thousand customers in the six-month test phase.

The plans and goals

Whether bank or non-bank, Neon sees himself as a challenger and launches the account app with the statement: “Neon is battling the established banks”.

Neon has set itself the goal of “shaking up the little digital and overpriced Swiss banking center.” With its free smartphone account offering, the company wants to become the Whats app of the Swiss financial industry. ”

How Neon Positions

The makers of neon are positioning themselves as a new generation of service providers who want to meet the shortcomings of existing providers with new services and answers:

“Neon frees the Swiss banking everyday from too little digital and overpriced offers of the banks from the old world.Standard processes such as account openings or card blocking in this country often do not yet digitally from regular bank customers on counter, post correspondence and extra tools such as TAN generators Then, when customers have time to do their jobs after work, the hotlines and counters are closed, and some Swiss banks charge fees of well over $ 100 per annum even for the simplest account and card packages, and that is changing now with neon everything abruptly”.

Jörg Sandrock, co-founder of the startup, sums up the neo credo briefly and simply with the following words:

“We focus solely on the everyday needs of our customers and offer the cheapest account in Switzerland”.

Sandrock is convinced that by eliminating branches, streamlining processes, collaborating with specialized partners and providing an app for everything, Neon can operate faster, leaner and more customer-friendly than its local counterparts. How these plans are expressed in concrete terms and conditions, can be read on the website of Neon.

How Neon launches the new account app

Neon has teamed up with the agency Walder, Werber for advertising and external communication. The result is a broad-based campaign that does not attract attention with exaggerated restraint, literally puts the finger on the point of the desired attention and thus strongly on the plaster skin.

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