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FinTech: New ways to finance self-employment and SMEs

The term FinTech – combination of financial services and new technologies – is an abbreviation for financial technology. Among them, various modern technologies are subsumed, which are assigned to the financial sector. A FinTech company – often referred to as FinTech – is thus a company that offers modern, usually…

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FinTech and Challenger-Bank Neon hits the spotlight

As a challenger (non-) bank, neon confidently announces itself and challenges the established banks. To put it straight: Neon is not a bank, but rather a FinTech that provides an account app. Behind the startup stands the partner Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, which is responsible for the account and the account management…

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This bank creates alliance to fight regional fraud and face the digital era

The impact of new technologies in the financial and banking industry has been evident, both for those who work in it, and for users, who experience the changes promoted by these companies. But in addition to the adoption and adaptation to new tools, this sector has had to face the…

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Bitcoiners tell their worst experiences with traditional banks

Important characters of the cryptoecosystem commented the social network Twitter their negative experiences with traditional banking. The initiative began when Morgan Creek Digital CEO Anthony Pompliano posted a tweet asking his readers what was the worst experience they had with a bank. Pompliano, popularly known as Pomp, was followed by…

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Will Libra shake up financial services and banking?

Facebook’s first foray into the financial world prompted an immediate question yesterday: how far will your new digital currency shake up traditional financial services? The vision of Facebook promises a world where banks and other means of payment are disintermediated by Libra, which could allow instant and almost free international…

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The cryptocurrency of Facebook will be an alternative to the existing banking system

A few days ago, Facebook announced what will be its own cryptocurrency, Libra. And with it also its digital wallet option, Calibra. For Libra to become a reality from next year, Facebook has partnered with 28 major companies, among which there is no traditional banking partner, forming the Libra Association,…

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