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Fintech Apps for your personal financial management

Knowing how to manage our money is a matter of method in this, the Fintech Apps are the means of today to make a simple and effective management of our pocket. No one escapes personal financial management. We have money we want to use it efficiently, not just spending it on purchases but also in investments or save it too.

Wherever we go, or wherever we are we cross paths with situations that involve spending our money. Depending on the circumstance, we may need a hand to make our money management more efficient. That’s what these Fintech Apps are for, that help you manage your personal finances in every moment of your daily life.

Fintech Apps for any situation

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

To count as a professional, a budget that includes income, expenses and savings, exists. This is one of the Fintech Apps whose programming proposal is based on not spending beyond your income, organize the finances in an optimal way to generate more volume of savings each month.

This application is paid and is available for several platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) and can be used for a free 34-day trial period.

Spending Tracker

Reaching specific objectives using our money is sometimes difficult to keep in the horizon of the goals; buy goods, change properties, pay debts, make the trip you have planned or invest for so long.

To keep the focus on a goal with our finances, among the Fintechs Apps, “Spending Tracker” stands out. This application tells you how to keep your focus on the goals you set for yourself, helping you avoid background expenses. This App also works to keep a detailed record of your transactions on a daily basis.


When the need is to invest, the most sensible thing is to direct attention immediately to market information. Monitor stock indices, stocks, bonds, currencies are the fundamental basis to know how and when to invest. For that, between the Apps Fintech, Bloomberg is positioned. This app is designed by Bloomberg Limited Partnership, a company that designs Financial Services Software.

Bloomberg has its own mobile version, available for iPhone and Android phones. It is free and not only keeps you informed of the market numbers. But it also provides news of the international market; These allow you to analyze your investments or the behavior of a company of your interest, through graphics.

Settle Up

Organize events or activities that involve the contribution of several people, can be something rolled up making everyone in the management match when paying is not impossible for Settle Up. This platform can help you account for group payments; with tables that show how much and who have already paid.


When you are traveling, with so many interesting things around, sometimes; It can be difficult not to spend more than necessary. Money Wise, is an application that allows you to make a daily record of each expense; aiming not to spend more than the established limit.

This application also has the option to export the data from the expense register; to an HTML file or a CSV file to process it with Excel.


If you have an entrepreneurial company and what you need is to manage billing, sales, purchases, banking, accounting and inventory quickly, easily and from anywhere; then the option between the Apps Fintech is Colppy.

This is a platform that allows you to do all this from the ease of your phone. It is available for iOS and Android and also has its own web platform, where you can also manage the data that is hosted on your mobile

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