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Blockchain and tech: A whole new world of innovation

International Business Machines Corporation, known worldwide with the acronym IBM, is one of the most important companies on the planet. The New York-based company, with nearly half a million employees, manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, offers infrastructure services, Internet hosting, and consulting in a wide range of computer-related…

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A new cryptocurrency index for game technology tokens

The crypto currency index provider AltDex has introduced a crypto currency index for game technology tokens. The company announced the development in a blog post. AltDex has developed a benchmark index for the blockchain gaming category called AltDex Gaming Index. The Index seeks to detect cryptocurrencies and tokens from blockchain-based…

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Central banks can issue digital currencies in the future

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) considers that central banks can issue digital currencies in the future, according to an IMF report of June 27. According to the full document, the IMF and the World Bank conducted a fintech survey that requested responses from financial institutions of all member countries, and…

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The entry of major technology companies in financial services could change to the banking sector

Banks in the European Union could have an instantaneous payment system by 2020, according to a Reuters report of June 26. According to the report, real-time payments have been possible in the euro zone since 2017, but only about half of the banks in the bloc adhered to the initiative.…

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Applying blockchain for fintech… wait, not just for fintech?

Argentina stands out in many fields in which intelligence is the main raw material. One of them is software and digital ventures. The “five unicorns” are proof of this: Mercado Libre, Despegar.com, OLX, Globant, and the most recent Auth0, Argentine companies that each exceed the $ 1 billion in stock…

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The cryptocurrency of JP Morgan is not a public but a private blockchain

One of the great news from Fintech was that JP Morgan Chase was issuing its own currency named JPM Coin. The fact that a bank of the old, traditional and conservative school was adopting the blockchain technology and was becoming a crypto drew much attention from traditional finance and disruptive…

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