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Tag: blockchain

Crypto has a greater impact on humanity than the invention of the Internet

In a session of the AMA on Reddit, the director and co-founder of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, declared that he expects Crypto to have a greater impact on humanity than the invention of the Internet. Circle is a famous Fintech startup supported by Goldman Sachs that became popular in the US…

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Blockchain startup Harmony working on creating a decentralized protocol

Harmony announced today that it raised USD $ 18 million from a series of investors. This includes Lemniscap VC of Hong Kong, BCA Fund of Australia, UniValues Associates of Singapore and Consensus Capital of Silicon Valley, and others. The co-founder, Nick White, announced to CoinDesk that the sale of tokens…

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Are global payments possible? Maybe only if humanity gets modernized

So it’s time to talk about David Schwartz, Technology Director at Ripple, as well as one of the original architects of the Ripple consensus network. Get to know David Schwartz Prior to joining Ripple, David Schwartz was Technical Director for WebMaster Incorporated, a software developer in Santa Clara, developing encrypted…

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