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FinTech Study 2019: Growth and increasing maturity

The new «IFZ Fintech Study 2019» of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences shows a sizeable growth of 62 percent for the sector in 2018 compared to the previous year. But not only quantitatively does the importance of fintechs increase: The study also notes that the “scene” has become more mature and stable. It is driven by global innovation.

Fintechs and the relationship with traditional banks

Although the fintechs would not supplant traditional banks, they would sometimes replace their products and services with technology. In any case, the winners are those companies that, in addition to their technology leadership and the right business model, also have the right culture to implement new technologies more quickly. Well thought-out business models and meaningful implementation are more important than the extraordinary nature of the technology.

About the Inventx case

Gregor Stücheli, co-founder and co-owner of Inventx, sees this last point as a signal to banks to open up to fintechs and focus on ecosystems rather than in-house developments: “It is becoming increasingly important in the financial industry to bring innovation to market quickly and securely , The conditionally open, but protected interfaces to which fintechs can dock with their applications. This requires integration and implementation know-how, as Inventx can provide. According to the study, our services in the consulting, conception and integration of digital banking and fintech solutions will be even more in demand in the future”.

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