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Free AI Voice Generator With Man Voices

Would you like to create man voices with your digital devices? Check out this free AI voice generator!

We all heard that computers do anything with a bit of data. And human speech is no exception. But we aren’t all tech-savvy or have the time to do it ourselves. Luckily, there are other ways to create a voice on the internet.

The tools you are looking for are named text to speech or TTS. They can turn any text-based content into audio. So if you have an ongoing project that needs a voiceover, these assets can help you out. They present several languages and diverse gendered speakers to adjust to your use case.

Therefore, text to speech can create the mouthpiece you require. For example, do you need to assemble a man’s voice for a project without spending money? We will tell you about a free AI voice generator that can take care of male sounds and more.


Generate the man speaker you want with Woord‘s AI voice generator. This full-packed tool offers services such as OCR technology, a Chrome extension and an MP3 download button. It supports over 20 languages (including some dialects), which puts on the table 50 different spokespeople. That way, you can choose a masculine voice from anywhere in the world.

And, if these settings are not enough, you can polish your speaker. Woord puts at your disposal audio effects (control of speed and voice profile) and an SSML editor to manage tone, phonemes, parse, breaks and more. These tools will definitely fine-tune your audio.

Explore Woord‘s state-of-the-art features for free. You only have to signup with an account. Then you will receive 20,000 characters and two audios each month. Using these is easy. You only have to share your texts with the software (type, paste or upload a file), arrange your man voice’s attributes and select ‘Speak It’. Your AI-generated male speaker will be ready in seconds.

Have you thought about the man voice that would suit your work? Or other specific sounds that you would like to bring to life? We want to know if you achieved them with this tool!

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