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Free AI Voice Generators For Your Avatar

In this article we are going to show you the top 3 of the best free AI Voice Generators to make your avatar voice sound like a real human being. With Wood, Natural Readers or Azure you will save money and time! Read it to the end to know more about how text-to-speech API tools will help you to catch the attention of your users or followers.

But first of all: what is exactly an avatar about? Well, Oxford’s Dictionary says that it’s a graphic identity that users select to represent themselves in digital media. Since the late ‘90s choosing a character to put ourselves inside its mind and live adventures was a great experience. Nowadays we watch avatars building with AI on Instagram accounts or in the videos from Facebook, TikTok or Twitch too.

Free AI Voice Generators For Your Avatar

Either you are a videogame developer or a media videomaker you surely have tried some tools to accomplish this task. Today we will explain the best ones to convert a written dialogue into a clear audio. Make perfect voices for your avatars with this clever options.


Free AI Voice Generators For Your Avatar

Woord is a text-to-speech tool capable of converting any avatar’s Guion supported on pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), or ods. You can choose over 50 types of voices with the highest quality from more than 25 different languages. Then, you will download your text as MP3 audio in the classical options: all the varieties of English, Spanish and Chinese. But also in European tongues (Italian, French, German) or even in Middle Eastern ones (Turkish, Vietnamese, Arabic).

This free AI generator is especially good for the videos and games which are internationally available and for local projects too. You can also change the gender between male, female or gender-neutral and have teenager or adult voices, depending on your goal. Also, you have the ability to modify the speaking rhythm, the cadence, or the structure of your speech. For more specific intonation this amazing API has distinct accents for certain languages. You only need to sign up and copy-paste the link or write what you want to hear. Woord will do its magic next!

Free AI Voice Generators For Your Avatar

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a free API that switches from text to audio with natural sounding voices from at least 8 languages. You will find an online reader where you can try writing some lines and then hear your text in high-quality. It’s ideal for commercial games or social media videos! You don’t have to be an experienced programmer to learn how to use it because it’s very intuitive.

Once you’ve already tried it, you could also ask for iOS & Android or as an extension if you want. You will have unlimited use with no-charge voices and access to manager settings. If you create your avatars with this app you have a lot of new options for people who have disabilities like dyslexia. When you finished your speech, you could download it on MP3 or embed it in your platform.

Free AI Voice Generators For Your Avatar


Another great application, this time is from Microsoft . Azure is a platform that works with a cloud service too. Bring your game scenarios or news videos to life with expressive and more than 300 realistic neutral voices. You can choose over 129 languages and speaking styles or adjust rate, pitch, pronunciation, pauses, and more!

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