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Free Commodity Stock Data APIs in JSON & Excel

Do you want to better organize your earnings? Would you like to be able to do it through various computer programs? Read this post and learn how to monitor your finances and organize them perfectly through an API!

Any commodity’s business is always changing and increasing, which makes it difficult to keep current on the pricing of any thing we wish to trade or invest in. However, it is not hard to achieve, and using an API to do so may be quite useful. The acronym API stands for application programming interface, and it refers to a concept that encompasses anything from command-line utilities to corporate Java programs to Ruby on Rails web projects.

Free Commodity Stock Data APIs in JSON & Excel

In the world of trading, data scraping is frequently required to ensure that you always have the data you want. It’s fortunate that Microsoft Excel offers capabilities for extracting data from web sources, both with and without scripting like JSON.

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a data storage format that is logical and easy to grasp. In a nutshell, it provides us with a set of data that is both human-readable and logically accessible. So, where can you get a great JSON-based API for commodity rates? Commodities-API, CommoPrices, and Barchart are just a few examples. The first, however, will be used to explain how to use a commodities rates API.

First, Let Me Explain What An API Is

A programming interface (API) allows you to connect with a specific software component or resource. Simply described, an API sends a user response to a system and receives a response in return. There are a few softwares that make use of them and provide you with results.

A Summary On Commodites-API

Commodities-API It’s a corporation that, among other things, sells monetized data on coffee, cereals, and oils. It achieves so by collecting them using an API, which takes less than a minute to set up after financial institutions have agreed to work with it. You may choose from 170 different currencies and commodities on this site.

Free Commodity Stock Data APIs in JSON & Excel

Ways Of Registration

The Commodities-API has the advantage of being very user-friendly. To do so, take the following steps:

  • You may generate your own API key.
  • Take a glance for the commodities and currency symbols you wish to avail.
  • Match the product and money in the list using these symbols. Launch the API call after you’ve decided on them.
  • Discover out what the current price is. The portal will give you a lot an API in a variety of computer technologies that you may alter and use whatever you please.

Explaining How To Use Commodities-API With Excel

First, we need a public to get an API. To import this commodities data obtained by the Json Programm on an Excel document you have to a new document and follows this steps:

Go to Data, from there go to Get Data and then to From other Sources which will lead you to From Web or Simply Data, you have to choose the option From Web, because you´re getting the information from there.

Now you have to to copy-paste the API URL that Commodities-API give you and then prompt click “OK”. After that, you have to choose the option called “Into Table” on the Convert tab and following that you have to press on Select the Value of Data and then click the right botton on your mouse to choose the option “Drill Down”

On the resulting selection, choose the Transform button go to Table on the menu, and then click on OK. On the top of the column, click the button with the left mouse pointer and then the right arrow, check the use of the original name as prefix then click OK again. Then finally, “Click Close” and load on the home menu. After that, you’ve successfully imported the JSON data from Commodities-API. You can click refresh on the query or Data Tab to get the latest data from the website.

For more information in this commodities rates API, check their website

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