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Gastro Startup in Vienna uses technology to make history

A young student startup from Munich, which is dedicated to the topic of “beer”, could win the HOGAnovum startup competition. It would be deserving!

The young entrepreneurs offer an interactive network and distribute individualized beer for the catering, hotel, and events. Furthermore, microbreweries are supported in that they can balance the utilization peaks of their brewing plants with each other through the network.

The idea in detail

Individualization and the trend towards private labels are in the foreground. “Together with us, a company can create its own, individual beer recipe and commission it through us. We then look for a suitable, regional brewery to whom we pass our order. In addition to the brewing process, we take care of an individually designed label for the operation, which not only impresses the customer locally but also has great marketing potential in the social networks. On the one hand, the label should serve as a promotional purpose, on the other hand, the taste of the beer should offer customers a new, exciting product and open up new opportunities “says the press statement of the young entrepreneurs.

In addition, the startup also solves a problem with which microbreweries are often confronted. “In our vision, we do not want to limit ourselves solely to the networking and distribution of beer but to help microbreweries to optimize their capacity utilization. Up to certain plant size, it is difficult for smaller breweries to make optimal use of their capacities, so in the long term, we want to interactively link breweries in order to use previously unused brewing capacities. This works by programming an IoT solution in the form of an online platform that allows breweries to report excess capacity to the platform, thereby providing brewing capabilities to other breweries. Thus, the free capacity of one brewery can be used to take over orders from other breweries, whose capacity is insufficient due to increased demand or lack of space. This is how we create an economic win-win situation on both sides and, with the help of our platform, make a contribution to preserving beer diversity in Germany, “said the winners of the startup competition.

Brewee is a perfect example of how digitization in the catering industry, on the one hand, satisfies customer needs, in this case, product individualization, and on the other offers digital problem solutions for an entire industry. We congratulate and wish you continued success!

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