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Generate Encrypted Strings In Seconds Using An API!

Do you want to learn how to generate encrypted strings using only one string encryption API? then check out this post to find out!

Today’s online security and privacy depend heavily on encryption and decryption APIs. Transform plaintext (data that isn’t encrypted) into ciphertext to safeguard it (encrypted). This post will explain how to encrypt any string in 2023 using the AES Encryption and Decryption API!

One of the most important things to consider when dealing with sensitive data is how you’re going to protect it. Even if you think you don’t have any data that needs protecting, you should still be aware of how easy it can be for others to get their hands on it.

One way to secure your data is by using encryption. By encrypting your information, you’re preventing unauthorized people from viewing it and making sure they can’t steal or misuse it.

Encryption works by converting readable text into unreadable text so that only those who have the key can see what’s inside. The key is a code that only authorized people to know, but anyone who doesn’t have access can’t read the contents of the file because they don’t have the key.

Asymmetric (also known as public key encryption) and symmetric encryption are the two basic forms.

In symmetric encryption, communication parties utilize a single key for both encryption and decryption. A key is used for encryption and another for decryption in asymmetric encryption, also known as public key encryption.

The term “private key” refers to a decryption key that is kept secret, whereas “public key” refers to an encryption key that is openly used by anybody. The core of TLS is built on asymmetric encryption (often called SSL).

What is This API’s Function?

Single-key cryptography, which uses the same key for both encoding and decoding, is used for symmetric encryption. With symmetric cryptography, the key used to encrypt and decode data is the same.

Two keys are used in asymmetric cryptography: a public key that can be used by anyone to encrypt data and a private key that can only be used by owners to decode it.

With the help of this API, you may encrypt any string with a super-secure technique. The encryption key, which is produced individually for you when the request is submitted and is 64 random bytes long (it’s not a hex string! ), is generated.

Use the same key to decrypt the encrypted string from the first argument. A hexadecimal representation of the encrypted string will be returned.

In 2023, you can encrypt any string with the help of this API! Just send the secret key and plaintext string as a POST request parameter. We provide the top data security solution available right now with nothing else to say about it!

Protect Your Data by Encrypting It!

Any text may be transformed to the necessary encrypted format using the Encryption and Decryption API. Supported hashes include MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512. You’ll be able to decipher them as well. Encryption is frequently used for internet security purposes and can provide a safe means of sending data across the internet or communicating crucial information inside your company.

You may encrypt the string that the Encryption and Decryption API sends you as you choose. Later on, you’ll get a Hash that you may store. You can compare your hashed strings and authorize logins or transactions by doing so. It’s quite simple and secure.

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