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Get Cotton Real-Time Rates With This Free API

Over the previous 3,500 years, cotton production has seen massive changes in growing, production, and commercialization.

Cotton can prosper almost anywhere, whereas many crop commodities (like sugar or coffee) are more land and climate-dependent.


Certainly, we are not able to specify a year for the discovery of cotton. 

Nobody really knows how old cotton is. Scientists discovered remnants of cotton that were at least 7,000 years old in Mexico. They also discovered that cotton was very similar to what is grown in the United States today.

Get Cotton Real-Time Rates With This Free API

Investing in Cotton

Cotton’s price is influenced by a number of significant factors, including:

  • Since cotton doesn’t grow in any land, if some climate conditions affect producer countries, it will absolutely impact the stock
  • Until now, this raw material is used for things we don’t really need, so when purchasing chances rise, prices too.
  • In the same manner as other agricultural commodities, government policies, and subsidies have an impact on the market.
  • Other commodities like crude oil may affect cotton prices, specifically by replacing it with synthetic fabrics 
  • Moreover, cotton needs a lot of treatment before using it. Likewise, it gets more expensive.  

Whether you are considering investing in cotton or any other commodity, it’s crucial to know real-time prices in order to plan your moves before it’s too late. 

Get Cotton Real-Time Rates With This Free API

To summarize, is an online tool for tracking cotton and other commodity prices.

What is it, exactly?

This online API delivers precise rate data in a variety of currencies for a large range of commodities.

Commodities-API began as a simple, minimalist Open-Source API for recent and historical commodity prices from financial institutions.


The API can supply real-time commodity data with a precision of two decimal points and a frequency of up to every 60 seconds. Commodities-API is built on a robust back-end architecture that guarantees high availability and response times of less than 50 milliseconds for certain API calls. Delivering commodities exchange rates, converting single currencies, and returning Time-Series and Fluctuation data are only a few of the features.


The Commodities-API uses bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your connection.

Thousands of developers, small enterprises, and large corporations use Commodities-API on a daily basis. As a result, this API is the most popular site for commodity rates because of its reliable data sources and 6+ years of experience.

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