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Get Cooper Market Rates Per Kilogram With This API

Cooper is a ductile, malleable metal with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. A freshly exposed pure copper surface is pinkish-orange in hue.


Also, Copper is utilized extensively in electrical equipment such as lines and motors. This is because it can be dragged into wires and efficiently conducts heat and power. 

It’s also utilized in industrial machinery and construction (such as roofing and piping) (such as heat exchangers).

In order to get kilogram rates of Cooper, you have to use an online API


Metals-API collects market data prices in a variety of formats and frequencies from a variety of trade sources and global organizations. Commercial sources, especially for major currencies and metals, are given a larger weighting because they more precisely reflect market exchange.

How To

1- Once you register and get your API Key, you need to know the symbols:

XCU for Cooper and USD for Dolar currency.

Note: Metals-API has a wide range of precious metals and currencies from all over the world.

2- Now, copy your access key and run the API. Here’s an example:

3- And this is how it shows:

4- Finally, take the output in ounces value and multiply it by 0.0283495. That is, you now have the kilogram price.


The “validation and fallback” system assigns separate priorities to each data source and validates each metal/forex rate to reach the best level of coverage and correctness. Although, if one source fails to provide a trustworthy quote for this currency pair, the next highest provider is evaluated.

This helps to eliminate inconsistencies and provides accurate spot conversion rates to six decimal places for the great majority of currencies.

Key Features

  • Acquire institutional-quality real-time precious metal values via an incredibly simple API by using a reliable Gold and Silver pricing API trusted by hundreds of industry companies.
  • Real-time gold and other metals pricing might be easily integrated into spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps, and other commercial applications.
  • Reduce the time it takes for apps that are dependent on precious metal prices to reach the market.
  • You might be able to manage the problems and complications of old feeds by using cloud APIs.


  • Periodicity in real time, history, and a tick-by-tick API
  • Real-time precious and base metals pricing
  • Real-time metal pricing for the platinum group and base metals API
  • API graphs for present and previous APIs
  • Spot and projected prices of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum throughout history

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