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Get Ethanol Prices In Australian Dollar With An API

Would you like to get ethanol prices in Australian currency? If that is what you need, we will recommend an option to keep you updated with the prices of this commodity.

Ethanol is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid with a slightly characteristic odor. It is produced naturally from the fermentation of sugars by yeasts or through petrochemical processes. By distillation, ethanol can be separated from water. One of the most common uses of ethanol is the production of alcoholic beverages. By fermentation, beer, wine and other products are produced. In the case of gin, tequila, and whiskey, among other beverages, the process also includes distillation.

Ethanol, on the other hand, can also be used as a fuel, either alone or in combination with other substances. When ethanol is mixed with gasoline, common ethanol fuel mixture is produced. When used as fuel, ethanol is usually obtained from sugar cane, making it a product of renewable origin. It is also used in the beauty products industry, since it has astringent properties, ideal for cleaning the skin and for preserving lotions (it prevents its ingredients from separating and the product from losing effectiveness).

Being a chemical compound with so many uses for humanity, it is very important for Australian businessmen to be up to date with its prices. At the end of last year, its price reached its historical maximum, but this was only momentary, because from there, its prices fell by 43%. This shows why it is so important to be up to date with the values of this commodity.

Get Ethanol Prices In Australian Dollar With An API

However, fortunately for you, Commodities-API came along to solve this problem.

Why Commodities-API?

Commodities-API began as a basic, lightweight Open-Source API that provided current and historical commodity rates reported by banks and the stock market. Thanks to this amazing tool, you will be able to get the price of ethanol with an accuracy of 2 decimal points and a frequency as high as every 60 seconds.

You are probably wondering where it gets its raw material price data from. These are collected from over 15 trusted data sources, every minute. Sources include banks and financial data providers. Another important detail to highlight is its ability to convert currencies. Currently, its system works with 170 currencies from around the world, which will allow you to see the prices of products in the local currency of your country, like Australian Dollar.

How much should I pay?

The service is free, you just have to register and that’s it. However, the free option has its limitations and does not take full advantage of the Commodities-API capabilities. We recommend that you read the description of each plan well and analyze whether or not it is convenient to pay for a better plan.

Get Ethanol Prices In Australian Dollar With An API

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