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Get LME Copper Fluctuation Data With An API

Are you looking for LME Copper fluctuation data? Then read this article!

Copper is a malleable, ductile, soft metal with good thermal and electrical conductivity. The color of newly exposed pure copper is pinkish-orange. It’s used as a heat and electricity conductor, a building material, and a constituent in many metal alloys, including sterling silver for jewelry, cupronickel for nautical gear and coinage, and constantan for strain gauges and temperature measuring thermocouples.

Copper is mostly utilized in electrical wire (60%), roofing and plumbing (20%), and industrial machinery (10%). (10 percent). Copper is typically used as a pure metal, although it is mixed with other metals to produce alloys like brass and bronze when extra toughness is required (5 percent of total use).

Copper paint has been used on boat hulls for over two centuries to keep plants and shellfish from growing. Agriculture uses a small percentage of the copper supply for nutritional supplements and fungicides. Although copper may be mechanized, alloys are preferred for complex components due to their machinability.

This metal has been around for a long time. The London Metal Exchange is the body that determines official values. If you want to compare prices over time, an API, which is an interface that gets data from official banks and sends it to the person who requested it, is the best tool for getting historical metal rates information. Metals-API is our proposal for this goal.

Why Metals-API?

Metals-API is one of the most precise and dependable API tools on the market. This collects data every minute from over 15 credible data sources. It collects information from the world’s top financial institutions and banks. As a consequence, you’ll have very accurate pricing. Copper, gold, silver, and other metals’ historical rates may be easily integrated into spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps, and other commercial applications.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are among the more than 170 currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies accepted. Using the same API methods, any quantity may be translated from one currency to another, as well as from one metal to another. The API is defined in JSON API, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation and eliminates the requirement for each app to write its ad-hoc code to connect to servers that communicate in a certain way. Since 2019, it has shown LME Copper values.

How to obtain it:

  1. is where you can get your API key.
  2. Look for the lead symbol and currency sign you want to use in the website’s list.
  3. To add metal and money to the list, use these symbols, then make the API call.
  4. As a programming language, you have the option of using JSON or PHP.
    It will seem as follows:
"success": true,
"timestamp": 1519296206,
"base": "USDLME-XCU",
"date": "2018-09-10",
"rates": {
"AUD": 1.566015,
"CAD": 1.560132,
"CHF": 1.154727,
"CNY": 7.827874,
"GBP": 0.882047,
"JPY": 132.360679,
"USD": 1.23396,
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