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Charlotte Hogg, VISA CEO: The era of invisible payments

Charlotte Hogg, the head of the Visa business in Europe, is the quintessential British establishment. His grandfather, Viscount Hailsham, was first Lord of the Admiralty, his father, Douglas, served as Minister of Agriculture in the Government of John Major, and his mother, Sarah, who has the Baroness treatment, was the…

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Search for the best medical startup to receive funding

With the m4 Award 2019, future medical startups in the pre-seed phase will have the chance to receive funding. Grants of up to € 500,000 can be applied for. The application deadline is 12th March 2019. The successful Bavarian pre-start promotion program “m4 Award – Pre-Seed Competition for the Medicine…

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Do VeriBlock transactions in the Bitcoin network help or damage the BTC?

According to the Bitcoin developers’ (BTC) reports, a surprising amount of block space is being wasted in the Bitcoin network to secure the blockchain of other crypts. A company called VeriBlock has been “borrowing” the hash power of the Bitcoin network to increase security in altcoin vulnerable chains and fill…

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Now you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal around the world with these platforms

One of the most practical and economic ways in the long term is to buy “directly” the Bitcoin. Buying them indirectly or through certain platforms exposes us to the custody commissions that many companies charge. Unless we want to trade, where then small costs are understandable and understandable for the…

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A Swiss fintech startup has raised 120 million francs

Zurich – Fintech startup Tradeplus24 AG raised more than CHF 120 million in equity and debt in a round under the leadership of SIX Fintech Ventures, Berliner Volksbank Ventures (BVBV) and Credit Suisse, a record for Swiss fintech startups. Tradeplus24, which provides working capital credits to small, mid and mid-cap…

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Fintech companies are going strong financially

Investments in German finance technology start-ups are declining. In other countries, mega-deals inspire the industry. The account providers Kontist and Penta were pleased with strong financial injections, the credit brokerage Smava collected a whopping 54 million euros and the smartphone bank N26 even reached unicorn status: Many German fintechs were…

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