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Get The CO2 Emissions Of Thailand In 2022 With This API

In this post, we’ll explain to you how to get the CO2 emissions calculator API to get Thailand’s emissions in 2022.

Global warming is one of the most serious problems that humanity is going through. Currently, production works in a way that is harmful to the environment. The use of energy and water or others generates greenhouse gases that damage the ozone layer and heat the earth. Unfortunately, if this continues, the earth will have a few years left.

CO2 Emissions Of Thailand

However, humanity is working on reversing this. In several countries, industries advance in the use of renewable energy plants such as solar or wind power, and although they also have CO2 emissions, their level is much lower. On the other hand, several studies are being carried out on the incorporation of nuclear energy in different factories since it has zero emissions.

The Situation In Thailand

As it happened around the world, during the year of the pandemic (2020) carbon emissions fell in Thailand. It is among the 30 countries that pollute the most but beyond the pandemic, it is a country that is improving a lot by reducing its CO2 emissions.

However, the Thai Ministry of Energy announced a plan to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through the use of renewable energy and promoting the concept of decarbonization. The plan will be funded by the Energy Conservation Fund, a government entity.

Thailand is one of the countries most affected by carbon emissions. That is why institutions, companies, and citizens want to work to reverse it. You are probably reading this because you want to.

There are many ways: you can plant trees, and you can advance sustainable energy. But it’s not enough just with that. Maybe it can be ineffective or without knowing specifically the impact it has on the environment.

For this reason, it is very necessary to use a carbon calculator API because it allows you to know where you start. This is key to trying to reduce it, it is the first unavoidable step. Also with a good API, you can monitor how it reduces as you take initiatives to become truly carbon neutral.

What Is An API?

An API is a very sophisticated technological tool that has become widely popular in recent times. Developers incorporate their responses into digital media designs and transmit information to various devices no matter where they are.

This is why the API serves to share information with an audience. So if you want to work on improving the environmental situation, you can tell the world and thus add more people who want to combat global warming.

In this sense, it will be very useful for you CarbonAPI. This API has extensive documentation where you can measure emissions from different industry sectors as well as individual or household emissions. You can also use it if you are in an institution such as a hospital or school. The API will return updated information to you in real-time.

CO2 Emissions Of Thailand

About CarbonAPI

The API sends you updated information. You will also be able to monitor your footprint over time and show your audience the work you are doing to reduce it. Programmers can easily incorporate it into one of their programming languages like JSON, Python, and PHP.

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