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Create Your Own Nagatoro Voice With Text To Speech

If you are interested in the world of anime and manga you should read this article. Here we are going to talk about why it became so relevant. And also, we have some pieces of advice about how you can develop an anime voice. Yes, you can do it with a creative and comprehensive text-to-speech tool!

According to the importance of anime in recent years, more animators have decided to start producing content in this animation style. The Association of Anime Animation wrote that, only in 2016, the industry earned more than 17 million dollars. And also, with the raising of Netflix and other streaming platforms, they became more accessible.   

But why is anime so demanded?

Well, there are a lot of reasons: 

-most the Japanese children grow out with them and still consume their favorite shows as adults, including their kids as a sort of family tradition 

-they are entertaining, with stunning visuals, bright colors, cool sketches, good stories, and strong character development  

-they have a lot of short episodes, and this engages the viewers because can see more in less hours

-there are a lot of options, for all the ages and tastes  

One of the most popular and relatively new anime series is ‘Don’t Toy Me, Miss Nagatoro’ (2021). The plot is about a first-year high-school student called Hayase Nagatoro who likes to bully her classmate, Naoto Hachiouj. They met in the library when the boy was working on his manga story. After reading it, the girl chooses to play with him and that’s where the show’s name comes from.   

Text to speech anime voice

The personality’s character is sadic and harsh but, as they slowly become friends, she shows she is a Tsundere. This term refers to the process meanwhile a mean and dismissing character slowly starts to behave tenderly and sweetly. That’s what happened with Nagatoro when she realizes she has a crush on the ‘weird’ kid she and her friends prank all the time.   

But building a complex character like this requires taking into account crucial aspects such as his voice. The voice is the principal medium in which we humans can express our feelings and all the stuff we can’t say with our word choice. Elements such as tone, volume, pace, pauses, and emphasis are the keys to communication due to the different things they can express. 

So, if you plan to build an anime similar to Nagatoro or even your version of the story, you have to create a voice that reflects the way she acts, feels, and sees the world. Although there are different paths to get to a satisfying result, there is one that won’t cost you money or time. The name of this technology is text to speech (TTS) and people use it for the most diverse purposes. From helping school kids with learning disabilities to bringing animations to life.  

A text-to-speech technology simply converts a text into audio from a previous input in an online website. With the help of artificial intelligence, you will have your character voice ready to test some dialogues. The only requirement is to make a free account and set the features you need for your anime!

What is the best TTS voice option you can get?

We suggest Woord, it’s simple, understandable, has a lot of functionalities, and is free! You can select a language among 28 possibilities and also customize voices and accents. There is no need to download anything! Use the Online Reader or add the extension and use the MP3 audio voiceovers on the video editing program you like. The best anime series are yet to come! 

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