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Helix Health finds ‘enlightening’ support in Spencer Fane’s new STARTUP Lab

Spencer Fane’s STARTUP Lab already is having an impact on its first selected company, Helix Health, said Aaron Deacon.

“It has been a really enlightening experience for me,” said Deacon, co-founder of Helix Health alongside Anurag Patel, explaining support from the law firm. “To have the advice and help from other people who know how to navigate problems and are really in your corner is a positive. They have strong health care practices within their team with experience helping companies like ours”.

Deacon also serves as managing director of KC Digital Drive.

Click here to learn more about Helix Health, which is pitching in the Dec. 12 Velocity LS Pitch Pub Crawl.

The Spencer Fane STARTUP Lab aims to provide legal services to one new startup per quarter that will guide a company to future success, according to the firm. The newly launched program facilitates introductions to other companies throughout the startup ecosystem and provides possible future clients, explained Carly Duvall.

“We connect [the startup] to local mentors and leaders to provide support and mentorship to their business. We also provide connection to funding and financial assistance”, said Duvall, co-chair of the STARTUP Lab. “We leave them with a legal service plan where we try to marry their business goals for the next 12 months with the legal services that they need”.

Helix Health was chosen as the best fit for the program’s venture into the support space, she said.

“We were looking for companies that were past the idea stage and had a product or service that were ready to take to market,” Duvall said. “We wanted them to have ties to Kansas City where the founders were interested in maintaining a relationship with the community”.

Helix Heath takes patient health data and applies analytics to try to predict patient health outcomes.

“They are really at a place were they could utilize our help with legal representation to get to the next stage”, Duvall said. “We believe its founders are both passionate and energetic about what they are doing”.

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