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How Amazon Protect will benefit consumers

Maybe you did not know, but Amazon has insurance for some of the products that we can buy on the platform. Complementing its huge product offer, Amazon has a series of insurance policies that are different because of their coverage and, of course, also because of the type of product. So we are going to delve into them, reviewing what exactly they offer us, for what products and what are the prices that can be contracted.

The normal thing is that we see the insurances of Amazon when going to make a purchase is to the right, as an option, or even in a pop-up window when going to complete the purchase. Anyway, we can review them manually looking for Amazon Protect. And here we will find all of them, and the information that interests us about each and every Amazon insurance available to customers.

Amazon Protect, what is it exactly?

At Amazon we have the option to contract an extension of the legal guarantee of 24 months, which is the responsibility of the seller. We have insurance that covers accidental damage and that covers theft, and they are available on the product details page. In the event that we contract insurance for a certain product, we will automatically receive an email message in which the purchase confirmation is included, and where the insurance in question is detailed. With him hired, in My Account> My Orders we can access the order and click on View Policy to review any detail.

What insurance Amazon Protect offers, for what types of products and at what price are available?

Amazon Protect has several possibilities. Such as accidental damage insurance for two years, on the one hand, and insurance extension of damage warranty for a period of two years. Actually, the person providing the service is London General Insurance Company Limited, and before hiring any insurance we can see the details of the policy.

Amazon Protect against accidental damage and breakdowns

In this case accidental damages and breakdowns are covered, and we can see the details here; Theft or loss, aesthetic damages, voluntary or malicious damages, business or commercial use or consumable items are not covered. It is offered with international coverage, and in the details on the policy it is explained that it is necessary to be of legal age. It must be applied to products purchased on the day and it is only valid for Spanish residents. In addition, software failures are not covered, and coverages require prior approval from Amazon.

Amazon Protect against breakdowns

This second option covers only faults. Are left, again, both theft and loss, accidental damage, voluntary or malicious, aesthetic, product content and the same as reflected in the previous point. The restrictions are exactly the same as for the other option offered under the Amazon Protect services, the insurance company is the same and once again we have, as clients and policyholders, international coverage.

What are the insurance available in Amazon Protect and what prices do they have?

Collect all Amazon Protect insurance is complicated, and they are adding new little by little. But as an example, we have the accidental damage insurance that, for laptops, from 150 to 199.90 euros, has a price of 29.99 euros. It’s a one-time payment, the same as for all other Amazon Protect insurance. For tablets from 250 to 299.99 euros, the same insurance amounts to 54.79 euros in a single payment, and for laptops from 950 to 999.90 euros there is a price of 84.49 euros.

In desktops between 1,500 and 1599.90 euros, the warranty extension for faults has a price of 68.99 euros, for example. If we want accidental damage coverage, in laptops from 750 to 799.90 euros, the price would be 66.49 euros.

Is it a good idea to buy insurance from our computer or mobile directly with Amazon?

If with the coverage of involuntary damages it seems sufficient, and the price seems right, then yes. The extension of warranty, in fact, really contributes little although with a tight price it is worth having a greater security, and especially for products that will spend four or more years with us. Now, if what we want is a complete insurance, in which theft or loss is covered, then we are not interested.

In the case of smartphones or keyboards, for example, accidental damage insurance covers something really interesting: liquid damage. If our cell phone gets wet and dies, it is covered. So this insurance, for mobile devices, is a really interesting option and we should consider even if it is water resistant because it is something that the warranty never covers. Even so, we still have the lack of coverage of theft or loss.

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