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Every company goes green: Why sustainability is a main topic

This is an international event that will announce, to the 32 Mobility City partners, the trends that are innovating in sustainable mobility, in which startups from Silicon Valley, United Kingdom, Israel, Paris, Amsterdam will participate and Spain, among which SharinGos, a London startup that offers a shared mobility platform; Neuro…

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This Fintech partners with Beriblock to offer signature and document protection services in Blockchain

Colombia Fintech, one of the trade associations that exists in Colombia for companies engaged in the technology sector, has partnered with Beriblock Inc, a company that has developed a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that allows registration digital of any type of electronic document. A great alliance Thanks to this alliance, all…

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This startup builds 3D printed houses in less than 24 hours: this is how it does it

Icon is an American startup that develops 3D printing technology, and can build small-sized homes in less than a day and at really low cost. Evan Loomis, the company’s confessor, explains to Business Insider that calculating an exact cost is complicated, but that they have manufactured a 40-square-meter house for…

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Thinking of marketing for startups: Brendan Eich talks about Brave, privacy, financing and regulations

Brendan Eich talks about the brave browser. In addition, it touches other issues such as privacy on the web, how to finance the creators of content and the unequal way in which the sanctions on GPRD are applied. It is an important voice. Eich was the creator of Javascript, one…

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Two startups merge together to offer something even better

GoTrendier and Chicfy merge to create the largest second-hand clothing buying and selling platform in Latam and Spain The companies are leaders in Mexico, Colombia, and Spain, with more than 8 million users. GoTrendier the largest merger of fashion buying and selling startups in the Spanish-speaking market. Driven by the…

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The benefits of cooperations and partnerships: Startups + Companies

The Chinese service provider for mobile payment and the Berlin-based FinTech have announced that they will work together soon. What do the participants hope for? Alipay – more than just mobile payment Since its inception in 2004, the Chinese payment service provider Alipay has more than 700 million users. In…

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