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How Can I Track Lead Prices In Real-Time Using API?

Are you searching for lead prices in real-time? With an API, you will be able to get it, we show you how to obtain it.

To begin with, lead is a metallic element with a delicate, blue-gray tint. This material is soft and malleable, with a low melting point. When freshly cut, lead is silvery with a hint of blue; when exposed to air, it tarnishes to a dull gray tinge.

In this year, this metal is demanded from China 5 percent more than the rest of the world. Generally is used for building batteries and  building shields surrounding particle accelerators, X-ray equipment, nuclear reactors, and radioactive material shipping containers for this reason. The physical properties of lead make it an excellent metal for bullet manufacture.

How Can I Track Lead Prices In Real-Time Using API?

Lead metal has grown up worldwide. That’s why if you want to invest in this industry, you have to be updated to get the prices in real-time. We recommend using an API which is an interface that collects data from a place and delivers it to the user who requested it. It’s that easy, and it’ll come in handy in a variety of situations.

Why Metals-API?

Metals-API is one of the most accurate API tools available online. This gets data from over 15 reliable data sources per minute. Among them are banks and financial data providers. As a result, your cost will be quite precise.

Bitcoin and Litecoin, as well as more than 170 other currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies are accepted. Using the same API endpoints, any quantity can be converted from one currency to another, as well as from one metal to any metal and any currency to any currency.

How Can I Track Lead Prices In Real-Time Using API?

The API is written in JSON API (JavaScript Object Notation), which avoids the need for each application to build its own ad-hoc code in order to connect to servers that communicate in a specific fashion. Entity types, bundles, and fields, as well as data storage and data structures, are all implemented in the JSON API module.

How To Use It

1- To get your unique API key, go to and register.

2- Search for the symbols for Iron Ore on the website’s list.

3- Add metal and currency to the list with these symbols, then contact the API. You can also choose from a variety of programming languages and rate types, including historical and spot pricing.

4- The website will immediately offer you the API you requested.

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