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How Ethereum is being replaced

The president of the US Securities and Exchange Commission UU (SEC), Jay Clayton, has recently said that ethereum and similar cryptocurrencies may have been values in the past, but have lost that status. Last June, the head of the corporate finance division of the SEC, William Hinman, said, “As I understand the current status of the ethereum, the ethereum network and its decentralized structure, the offers and sales of ethereum are not of any values. The application of securities laws to ethereum is of little benefit “.

Trust Wallet adds support for XRP and credit cards

The cryptocurrency portfolio supported by Binance Trust Wallet has just announced the inclusion of Ripple (XRP) to its list of supported assets, Binance announced through its official blog. According to the announcement, users can not send XRP to other addresses. In addition, Trust Wallet users can buy XRP, BTC, BCH, LTC and ETH with the main credit and debit cards through their integration with the Simplex payment processing company.

A British energy supply company invests in a blockchain firm

OVO, one of the largest energy supply companies in the United Kingdom, has just announced a strategic investment in Electron. It is an energy company that takes advantage of blockchain technology. Electron is an energy technology company headquartered in London that combines the largest distributed logging technology with energy expertise to design and build digital infrastructure for the energy industry. According to the announcement, Electron will take advantage of the investment benefits of Kaluza, OVO’s blockchain unit, to accelerate the development and deployment of its energy platforms and systems.

The SEC of Thailand gives the green light to the first ICO portal in the country

Thailand’s regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has just authorized the country’s first ICO portal, the local Bangkok Post reported yesterday. The regulator has given the green light to this new portal, which will allow to select ICOs, perform the due diligence, confirm the source codes of the intelligent contracts as well as perform user verification processes (KYC). Apparently, the ICO portal will be operated by a foreign company. According to Archari Suppiroj, director of the fintech unit of the regulator, the first ICO portal in the country is almost ready and will soon be approved officially by the corresponding government institutions.

Abra cryptocurrency portfolio adds direct support for ETH

The cryptocurrency portfolio Abra has just added native support for ethereum, as announced yesterday on his blog. From now on, users of the portfolio will be able to receive, store, sell and buy ethereum directly from the portfolio. In addition, they can also use the token to invest in other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies available on the platform. Until now, Abra only supported the ethereum in the form of synthetic assets. It is a system that allowed investors to expose themselves to the altcoin without actually possessing it.

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