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How hard is it for the Fintech sector to find creative people?

Before creating a great number of Fintech companies,  it is required to find collaborators willing to transcend in multiple disciplines and build effective relationships.

The general panorama

The company 3 Hunters points out that the growth of the Fintech industry is attracting more and more people of diverse origins, such as technologists, doctors in law, philosophers, sciences and consultants, to name a few.

And it is that, he mentions, a report made by Finnovista and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in 2018 identifies a thousand 166 Fintech seizures in Latin America, which represents a 66 percent growth compared to 2017.

“Companies have started working with people considered disrupters, to develop innovative solutions that can begin to be implemented as soon as possible” says 3 Hunters operations director Alberto Segovia.

“Based on a dynamic environment, those candidates with the ability to demonstrate a structured and agile mentality at the same time will be among the priorities of the recruiters” he said.

Finding the right talents

If something is certain, it is that developments such as Open Banking, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence or automation, will continue to accelerate the need for Startups to find the right talent to drive their transformation and growth.

“The Fintech companies also care about the portfolio of the soft skills of a possible employee” said the executive, which includes skills such as agility, leadership and adaptability.

Another challenge, said Segovia, is to find or develop qualified people to promote these services; When talent is limited, companies must concentrate on being more strategic to find and maintain collaborators in key technical positions.

In that regard, he explained that it can be difficult to attract people who currently enjoy a stable future, an impressive salary and structured work, where it is necessary to have a plan to communicate the potential of the Fintech industry to key candidates.

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