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How OCR Technology Adds Value To ERP Software

If you want to know how OCR technology enriches ERP software, you are in the right place! This article will navigate it all!

But First, What is ERP Sofware?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of software organizations use to manage daily business operations like accounting, and provisioning. Also, as project management, risk management, fulfillment, and supply chain operations. In simple terms, it is a system that aids in automating and managing business processes in several areas. For example, operations, finances, and human resources.

Evidently, this software focuses on the organization, and ease of tasks that can be time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, they rely upon automation and speed. Hence, this is software that will be enhanced by OCR technology.

OCR Technology

Optical Character Recognition frequently abbreviated as OCR is a technology that chore is the digitalization of texts. It automatically identifies texts from an image. Even the symbols or characters that belong to a particular alphabet. For instance, with this technology, if you scan a form or a receipt your computer will get the texts and store the information.

Evidently, the OCR technology is one that will add value to ERP Sofware because of its analyzing and scanning features. With the OCR technology, resource planning won’t need human interaction and the information will be one hundred percent accurate. After all, there won’t exist any door to mistakes. Also, with the reduction of physical documentation, the investments will reduce.

OCR Technology

As you can see, the implementation of OCR technology to ERP Sofware is a powerful combo. These two programs represent advances that have emerged and become necessary for companies. Therefore, you should integrate a top-class OCR API.

Optical Character Recognition API: Best OCR Technology

If you are looking to blend your ERP Sofware into OCR Technology, then this OCR API is your answer. The Optical Character Recognition API is a tool that thrives on highly effective and pre-trained automatic learning models. The API provides images with tags that will quickly classify them into millions of predefined categories. 

Moreover, an aspect that identifies the OCR API is its capability to extract printed and handwritten text. Plus, the highly valuable collection of metadata you will gain with the API. Additionally, the OCR API is perfect if you are looking to have a better categorization of your data and images. After all, your company will receive the information in seconds!

To use the API all you need to have is the URL of the document. With this simple piece, you will be able to scan receipts, ids, bills, instructions, and more. As a consequence, your ECR Sofware will be enriched with data that will help guarantee even more fast and precise procedures.

Steps To The API: 

-The first step to getting access to the API is to click this link

-The second step would be signing up by filling all the boxes: name, last name, and more

-Now you just have to past de URL of the document and wait for a quick answer.

OCR Technology

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