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How To Calculate CO2 Emissions Of A Train Using An API

Are you looking for an API that allows you to compute train carbon emissions? Here we got a recommendation.

Rail travel emits 14 grams of CO2 per passenger mile, compared to 285 grams for air travel and 158 grams for vehicle travel, according to the European Environment Agency. It makes a great difference whether the train is diesel-powered or electric, and how that electricity is generated if it’s the latter.

How To Calculate CO2 Emissions Of A Train Using An API

Traveling by rail is cleaner in France, where a lot of electricity comes from nuclear power and trains are primarily electric, than in the UK, where electrification plans have been put on hold indefinitely – however, even a journey by diesel train emits 84 percent less carbon than flying.

To reduce emissions and interact with the environment, many individuals and organizations are taking part in ecologically beneficial activities. To balance the expected environmental impact, you must calculate the carbon footprint of the train. The most efficient and high-tech technique of collecting data on CO2 emissions is through an application programming interface (API).

About An API

An Application Programming Interface (API) is software that links devices and allows them to exchange data. It will update a calculator based on data from your energy use in this situation. As a result, your company will be recognized for its efforts to minimize its carbon footprint.

The Carbon API is the most extensive and powerful API for this goal. Users of the train can use it to learn about environmental implications and how to mitigate them. Additionally, railway firms may utilize it to monitor the service’s environmental effect. This API may be used to calculate a customer’s carbon footprint based on their transaction habits.

How To Calculate CO2 Emissions Of A Train Using An API

Follow these procedures to compute carbon emissions:

  1. To get started, go to and create an account.
  2. Then choose “public transport.” in documentation.
  3. Put the distance in the distance block and “national train” in the type block.

The response will be as follows:


More About Carbon API

As a consequence of your emission-causing behaviors, CarbonAPI assesses your carbon footprint. Our API aspires to aid in the fight against climate change. the API allows you to easily calculate in different units and the result is given in KG (co2). It has an easy-to-use interface (UI) even if you are not a programmer.

In addition, the API has an API that allows you to easily integrate the carbon calculator into your website or application. This is because the software is available in different programming languages like Python, PHP, and JSON.

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