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How To Create Product Descriptions For Prestashop Using An API

If you base your online business on Prestashop and you’re wondering how to promote your product description to help improve your sales, then you should read this.

Product description is quite an important aspect when you plan to advertise your bussiness online. Giving your future customer a clear view of your goods; as well as also catching their eye or spike their interest is a fundamental aspect of any kind of store marketing campaign.

Many e-commerces based their page on one managing system or another. If you are using Prestashop as yours then you might wonder how you can; boost this handy unrestriced and open-source content management system performance on pair with your product copy.

What I am reffering is, using an API (Application Programming Interface) to make your product copy better. This will overall help you make your online store more appealing; and strengthen your customer base as well as atracting new possible clients.

The type of API in question is a Product Description Generator, this type of API works by providing suggestions to add to your products own description based on similar ones that are popular or useful. This API matches perfectly with Prestashops ability to build online stores and manage them. If you’re just starting your online shop; then you don’t want to miss out on what API you should use for product copy.

What API Should I Use To Create My Product Copy For My Online Store?

There are plenty, and all offer a similar service: content generating based on AI research. However, if you want to know which one is the best to team up with Prestashop tha would be Description Builder API. This Product Description Generator is superb and offers many perks.

Its simple yet efficient method is based on you inputting your product’s name and a short summary into the main box. After that, the AI will conduct a research on products alike with similar descriptions before the; providing you with a new set of ideas to include in your own product copy.

In summary, this will give you a constant flow of ideas that are fresh, trendy or popular and that are based on market study. This API basically helps you shorten the amount of time you spend on market reasearh, thus optimizing your writing copy performance by a lot.

But, Why Should I Use This Product Copy API For Prestashop?

As mentioned previously, Prestashop helps you build your online store quite easily. However, to assure your business can thrive you have to make sure your product description can appeal to your customer. Prestashop gives you the ability to present your products, Description Builder API makes it so those product are ineresing to your customers

This Content Generator API, after registration, starts you with 50 request per month to use on your products. It is quick and efficient, with just a few clicks all the tedious research and study is done. On top of this you can increase the request capacity to an up to 20000 request available.

You can do this with the many upgrade plans presented. All the pricing is done in USD with total control of cancelling at any point, no question asked. You can do any purchase with any major credit or debid card. All your purchases are secure with Stripe to enure no error happen.

Don’t wait any more time and start using Description Builder API to make your product copy better for your online store now!

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