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How to deal with the rapid growth of the startup company

As the newest Munich Unicorn, the local company Celonis made a name for itself already in 2018. CEO and co-founder Bastian Nominacher tells us, how he experienced this development process and how to deal with the rapid growth of the startup company.

Celonis currently has more than 400 employees worldwide. The recruiting runs nonstop. Because all signs point to growth and internationalization. With the process mining technology that Nominacher and his co-founders have laid the foundation for their business, the Munich founders hit the bull’s eye. Well-known customers around the globe are already working with Celonis technology, and the trend is rising.

What does the error culture at Celonis look like?

But with rapid growth also comes great responsibility. Not only for the customers, but also for their own employees. Bastian Nominacher revealed this to us in a video interview, how one swears by a constant increase in personnel to a common goal. And at the same time maintains the startup culture of a billion euro company at the same time. He also talks about the fault culture at Celonis and what he would like to see from the startup location in Munich.

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