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How To Get Natural Gas Prices From NYMEX Using An API

You must read this article if you need natural gas rates API with data from NYMEX.

Russia is the world’s biggest gas exporter, with 197.2 billion cubic meters of pipeline gas and 40.4 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas exported in 2020. (LNG). The United States was the world’s second-largest natural gas exporter, after only Qatar and Norway.

How To Get Natural Gas Prices From NYMEX Using An API

Among the largest natural gas exporting countries, Canada and the Netherlands are outliers in that they rely solely on pipeline exports. In the case of the Netherlands, this is mostly owing to a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), one of the procedures used to obtain natural gas. While Canada has not prohibited fracking, pipelines are used to transport natural gas to the United States, Canada’s largest trading partner.

Gas shipments from the United States to Canada have surged considerably in the last decade, paralleling the boom in shale gas production in the United States during the 2008 recession. The United States is now the world’s greatest producer of natural gas, with shale gas output alone predicted to more than quadruple between 2015 and 2040.

As you can see, the United States is at the center of the natural gas market. On the other side, as a result of the war with Ukraine and the disagreement with the European Union, prices have changed dramatically because Russia is the UE’s primary supplier. For this reason, it is critical to remain up to speed on the most dependable pricing, in this example, those from NYMEX.


The New York Mercantile Exchange trades billions of dollars in oil, energy carriers, metals, and other commodities for futures markets on the stock exchange and through everyday banking services computer systems. Market values serve as a basis for the prices that people throughout the world pay for a wide range of commodities.

You must use the proper instruments to obtain this information. As a result, we strongly advise using an API that provides both current and historical natural gas prices based on NYMEX data. You should also select one that gives variance data so that you can weigh all of the elements before deciding whether or not to invest.

About APIs

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a connectivity instrument that enables two or more devices to exchange data (API). The API is utilized by a significant range of web that also supplies this data to users since it may be linked to your app or web page.

In this scenario, you may pick one that contains both historical and current commodity data. Commodities-API is a great option for this. It provides real-time data about a wide range of items.

How To Get Natural Gas Prices From NYMEX Using An API

About Commodities-API

Commodities-API is an application that lets you track the prices of numerous products, such as natural gas. In this manner, you’ll be able to forecast values and convert them into the currency of your choice. You may gather historical rates, live prices, and price fluctuations.

Commodities-API gathers and validates data from financial institutions and the financial sector as NYMEX. When you make an API request, you will be provided with data with a precision of 2 decimal points and in a variety of programming languages. This program also uses bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption to secure your connection.

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