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How To Scan Affidavits Data Using An Optical Character Recognition API

Affidavits are legal documents that possess important information from individuals and external sources. Extract their data with this OCR API.

Do You Know What Affidavits Are?

An affidavit is a written declaration made under oath. It must be signed by the individual named in the declaration. The document has a number of personal information like the name, physical address, and physical coordinates of the requester. Also, signatures of the declarant, witnesses, and notary. With an affidavit, one can verify the declaration’s veracity while also getting the declarant’s information firsthand.

Evidently, affidavits are documents with important loads of information. These are part of a lot of processes. For instance, to get married, get access to a loan, declare economic income, and way more. Therefore, it is important for businesses to extract the data from affidavits. Whether they are the ones signing the document or the ones that are making it, it is essential to keep it safe, private, and digital. This way, they will go over it in case it is necessary. Extracting the data may sound like a complicated task, but not all. An OCR API has all it takes to proceed with such action. 


Let’s Talk About What An OCR API Is

Companies, developers, and industries all use APIs to guarantee succesful developments and processes. These are gathered everywhere and anywhere, we just do not see them. But most actions you take on the Internet, applications, smart tv, and more, have the power of API behind them. Application programming interfaces work as kind of message-buriers that enables the transmission of data from one place to another, so the programs can work successfully.  There are different types, an OCR API is one! 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most advanced modern innovations. This enables tools and instruments to work efficiently and fast. I write this because such technology is one that compounds OCR APIs so they can extract data from affidavits or any other document. An Optical Character Recognition API is a tool that is demanded in all industries due to its high engineering. 

With an OCR API businesses can resolve the automation, safety, and digitization of their data. Hence, OCR APIs will help in all aspects like legal, pharmaceutical, workflow manners, and more! 

Optical Character Recognition API (OCR API)

The Optical Character Recognition API is the OCR API you should opt for extracting data from affidavits. The API will go through the whole page or pages and extract the information. Such data will be provided in JSON format. Thanks to the AI technology that gathers the API, the one performs fast and with precision. All details like names, births, and signatures will be extracted by the API.

To Try The OCR API:

-If you have an interest in seeing how the API works, go to the website here

-Then sign up

-Finally, paste the URL of the affidavit (less than 16MB) and the API will respond!

-Yes, that’s all!


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