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How To Sell Your Media Monitoring API In This Marketplace

Read this article to find solutions to API commercialization.

The proliferation of department stores, supermarkets, and, later, shopping malls during the 20th century brought about a major change in the way we shop. Instead of asking the clerk what he wanted and having him go to the back of the store to get it, the consumer had at his fingertips several products of different categories, displayed with their respective prices, so that it was easy for him to choose. 

In the 21st century, thanks to the Internet, we are witnessing a new “revolution” in consumption. Today, consumers can make their purchases from anywhere and at any time of the day. In addition, they have the option of having their order delivered to their home or sent to a nearby collection point. The widespread use of the Internet and smartphones, the increase in the speed of Internet connection, and the proliferation of new electronic payment methods are enabling the rapid growth of e-commerce.

From the point of view of companies, new digital technologies are also radically transforming the environment in which they operate. On the one hand, digitization has already significantly lowered the barriers to entry in many business sectors, which has dramatically increased competition. As a result, established companies have been pushed to re-evaluate the way they operate and modify their production process to adapt to this new digital environment and remain competitive.

APIs have emerged as a simple way to streamline processes, improve productivity and enable better service. These tools incorporate external functions into a system and are an important part of digitization in large and small companies. One example is media monitoring APIs, which are especially useful for newspapers or media outlets, as they can track trends and activity on social networks in real-time. There is a great variety of APIs and they are commercialized in API Marketplaces.

Why Use An API Marketplace?

As we mentioned, marketing in the new digital era led to increased competition among businesses. Competition became even more difficult for digital products, such as APIs. Many times the tasks involved in marketing a digital product have nothing to do with those involved in developing or creating those products. Some necessary tasks, for example, would involve creating an eCommerce, putting a correct price, marketing plans, and customer support, among others. 

API Marketplaces have become increasingly popular as their teams can perform all these tasks freeing up developers. They generally have their own visitor traffic to reach a wider audience. You should know one API Marketplace that is growing and is recognized for its professionalism, Zyla API Hub

Why Zyla API Hub

If you are looking to monetize your creations without a lot of effort, then Zyla API Hub is what you are looking for. This API Marketplace is internationally recognized for its team that provides top-notch customer service. With a user-friendly site inviting to browse, their payment flexibility and customer support encourage sales, leading to more conversions. Their sales tracking also provides developers with vital information to improve their APIs.

This Hub and its team really think constantly about the best ways to monetize products. An example of this is that they suggest a pricing plan, thought out with intelligent algorithms based on supply and demand. This is an invaluable attribute since it is a large market and developers have a hard time knowing the right price to sell their products. Do not hesitate, Zyla API Hub is the best solution to monetize your creations!

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