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How To Extract Data From Driver’s License Using An OCR API.

An OCR API is a tool that works with accuracy in order to extract information from a driver’s license. Find here how!

Let’s Talk About Driver’s License

A driver’s license is a legal document that allows civilians to drive vehicles. This is a document that possesses confidential and important data from individuals. For instance, date of birth, ID number, name and last time, and more. With a driver’s license, it is capable to identify where a person comes from, who he or she is, background, criminal records, and so on. Therefore, most companies that rely on security such as police stations, security workers on the street, firefighters, and more will benefit from the use of an OCR API. 

Moreover, it will also enhance the performance of companies that have to work with the constant identifications of driver’s licenses and IDs. For instance, nightclubs and bars which have to check the age of minors or courier companies that are continuously working with the check-in and check-out of trucks with merchandise, just to name a few simple examples. Evidently, driver’s license work may work as a way to control and enhance security systems of all types; but for such a system to work, an OCR API must be in the picture.

How To Extract Data From Driver’s License Using An OCR API.

What Is An OCR API?

An API is an application programming interface that focuses to provide companies with actionable performances with data. This is thanks to the lane APIs created so businesses can receive information from external programs. As a result, their own system will benefit from the data they need to execute. Now let’s understand better what OCR is!

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that is gathered in API that has the ability to extract data. This extraction takes action by the Artificial Intelligence features of the API, which allows it to “eye” the whole document. Once the data is extracted by the OCR API, it saves it in a digital way for the company. Consequently, there won’t be any potential data loss and it will be all safe with precision. 

Therefore, with an OCR API, companies that may want to extract data from driver’s licenses will be able to do so. This way they can keep a safe database of information, check the data if it is necessary, go through records of individuals, and way more. Here I will add a description of a great Optical Character Recogntion API. 

The Optical Character Recogntion API

The Optical Character Recognition API is the OCR API you are looking for if your company works closely with a driver’s license. The API has the ability to identify numbers, codes, and different languages. It will go through the whole driver’s license and extract all the data that is embodied in the document. 

Once the extraction part ends, which will be in just a couple of seconds, the Optical Character Recognition API will provide the whole information in JSON format. It will be fast and accurate all at the same time!

How To Extract Data From Driver’s License Using An OCR API.

Keep in mind that OCR technology can also do this with other types of documents. To know more, click here!

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