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How To Sell Your Vessel Data API In An API Marketplace

Read this article to learn why Marketplaces are important to monetize digital products.

Technological advances and the democratization of the Internet have impacted the economic scene, promoting greater business productivity and diversification. From this situation arises the concept of the digital economy, but what is it all about? The digital economy is a concept used to refer to the impact of digital technology on business models and new types of consumption. This means new products, goods, services, and how they are marketed. 

This term emerged and evolved in the 1990s, with the Internet boom and its impact on the economy. Over time it was expanded and began to be used to refer to new companies with an eye on the digital market, and the application of new technologies by companies that marketed material goods. Today the term is more extensive and is used to refer to the set of technologies that emerged and their application, such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the use of clouds, and robotics, among others.

Over time, the digital economy and corporate business have become increasingly closely linked. Digitalization, with its multiple tools, provides many advantages for organizations, regardless of their industry or size. The impact of these technologies boosts the growth of the industry, automates processes, reduces the margin of error, speeds up times, and improves the quality of service.   

One example is in the maritime industry. Ship owners are well aware of the changes in ship emissions and smarter fleet management, but do they know that developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomy are also bound to affect their operations? Developers have created tools that would greatly benefit this industry, such as the Vessel Data APIs, but the commercialization of these tools is not yet widespread, making marketplaces a prime place to make themselves known. 

Why Use A Marketplace?

Most people rather buy in a marketplace than from individual stores. Marketplaces generate a safe environment to shop because they often offer guarantees and multiple payment methods. Marketplaces also gather a variety of products on one site, helping buyers to compare products and prices at the moment and make the best choice.

Marketplaces also are in developers’ dreams. They save them time, by offering a platform with a payment system integrated. They can just list their creations and relax instead of having to make a website from scratch. Another benefit is that marketplaces have their own customer flow and allow creators to reach new audiences, which is essential for monetizing. Those are just simple benefits, but the better the marketplace, the better the benefits. 

Why Zyla API Hub?

Zyla API Hub is also a growing API marketplace that you simply must check out! It suggests a pricing plan supported by the market’s demand, algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and API calls. Monetizing your API is that easy. You mustn’t worry about payments or marketing strategies. This safe and practical Zyla API Hub represents long-term API commercialization.

Additionally, it offers superior customer support granting better sales follow-up and feedback. You have to try Zyla API Hub and see the results for yourself. There’s no going back once you’ve experienced this easy yet professional way of monetizing your creations.

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