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Earn Money As A Developer By Selling Your OCR API

Read this article to learn about e-commerce and API Marketplaces.

Every day, more and more people are becoming users of Internet-enabled devices such as cell phones, computers, smartwatches, bracelets, etc., allowing them to interact in a global environment without limits of time and space. This makes the digital economy accessible to millions of people around the world, either to offer or demand goods and services.

The digital economy refers to the use of information technologies in the production processes of goods and services, as well as in their marketing and consumption. This term highlights how the industry creates new products and services or transforms existing ones, taking advantage of technology.

The new labor paradigm has revolutionized the ways of working and relating to others, which has led companies to focus on reducing costs, expanding their markets, and increasing sales, and they rely on technology and its wide range of solutions to make this happen. In relation to the use of these new resources, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also making great progress.

APIs are digital tools that enable the benefits of AI to be integrated. An example of this are the Optical Character Recognition APIs that integrate the functionality of being able to recognize images and translate them into text. However, many developers find it difficult to market and monetize their creations. This is why API Marketplaces are privileged places to showcase your creations.

What Is An API Marketplace?

Digital marketplaces have proliferated with digital consumption. They are convenient and provide many benefits for sellers and buyers. In the last decade, there have been digital marketplaces that reached global statuses such as Amazon, or eBay. The development of new digital technologies generated a need for their own marketplaces to commercialize them.

API Marketplaces provide unparalleled benefits. Developers can free themselves from tasks such as taking care of payments, customer service or even having to create an eCommerce for its creation. Shoppers prefer marketplaces so they can compare products and make sure they are making the best possible purchase.

How Do They Work?

Selling or buying APIs is very easy with the help of API Marketplaces. These sites have differentiated portals in case you are a developer or a buyer. For developers, it will be easy to list their APIs, provide their personal data, and create an account. Often a technical review of the APIs is performed before publishing them.

Buyers will be able to browse the site, search by category, read reviews, and compare products. They can then choose from a variety of subscription plans, many with free trials. If they subscribe they will receive a personal access key and can immediately start using the API.

Why Zyla API Hub?

A thriving API marketplace that you should try is Zyla API Hub. This marketplace has many benefits for developers that distinguish it from others. Monetizing your API is simple if you have the right price, that’s why Zyla suggests a pricing plan based on offer, demand, and API calls. You won’t need to take care of payments, or thinking a marketing strategy.

Additionally, this marketplace is known for its premium customer support, which is important to do sales follow-ups and get feedback to improve your creations. Zyla API Hub definitely is a pioneer in API commercialization. You must try it to experience the results for yourself.

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