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How To Use The Plagiarism Detector API

In this article, we’ll discover a plagiarism detector API, and we explain how to use it.

Text plagiarism is a particularly harmful move for your positioning in Google. When a search engine detects a behavior, it penalizes it so severely that we should give up on getting high SEO placement results for the page on which such a crime has been committed.

How To Use The Plagiarism Detector API

The reason for this is that the technical behemoth is, after all, a business whose goal is to offer its customers the best results for a certain term. Knowing this, it is reasonable to anticipate that their response to content duplication will be, to put it mildly, atomic.

Plagiarism involves a brazen usurpation of the authorship of particular content. It is fatal for the SEO of any page. The history of Google’s internet regulation of plagiarism demonstrates that content duplication was the famed Black Hat SEOs’ everyday fare. Crime often awaits punishment.

Problems In SEO Strategy

Many people committed intellectual property theft in the past out of laziness or desire can get away with it thanks to business fines. Or, in the best-case scenario, they repeatedly reproduced the same article while making tiny, inconsequential changes. With anything that ultimately hurt the high quality of Internet material.

Google had to suffer through its math to apply its rule and put an end to the predicament. Specifically by developing an algorithm that is responsible for assuring Google’s top priority: providing relevant content.

There are three levels of severity for the punishments the search engine can impose. The first and easiest option is a simple ban, which entails the deletion of the allegedly plagiarized page. It may feel like the end. But it’s not as awful as what occurs when Google imposes a direct penalty, which has the potential to fully delete the offending page as its second degree of punishment. Additionally, this search engine might provide you with a complaint.

Use A Plagiarism Detector API

As we have seen, if you want to position your content on the internet, you must generate authentic content. Without this, the rest of the activity will be wasted because you won’t be able to promote it.

Even when so much content is generated every day online, many times you can repeat phrases without knowing it. For this reason, if you want to comply with your SEO strategy to the letter, you must check the originality of your texts. Plaraphy is a Plagiarism Detector API that will allow you to correctly recognize the genuineness of your articles. Take a look at the response type:

How To Use The Plagiarism Detector API
How To Use The Plagiarism Detector API

About Plaraphy

If you want to carry out an online textual content strategy, you must use the most advanced technology. Here we want to recommend Plaraphy. Because by incorporating it into your site or app, you will be able to give access to very important content-generation tools.

She helps you detect text moods, verifies the authenticity of an article, recreate it with other words, summarize it and categorize it. As you can see, it is a multi-weapon that provides you with all the necessary tools to generate unique and attractive content for your audience.

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