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IA Group and its StartUp Day: Boosting ideas in the digital world

They support entrepreneurs with different proposals.

Betting on the country from the development of sustainable ideas in the digital field is one of the great tasks that IA Group has.

Through their StartUp Day program they help businesses grow and consolidate their strategies.

They have held several meetings, trainings, conversations, talks that allow to gather valuable ideas, potential entrepreneurs who need to channel those concerns.

They are specialists in the area of training in the entire area of computer science, application development, automated systems that facilitate the projection of brands through electronic commerce.

Behind all this team stands out the engineer Sergio Romero Andarte, who works with the lawyer Carmen García and Sergio David Romero.

Successful career

Romero Andarte is a graduate of the National Experimental University of Guayana (Uneg), home of studies where he currently works as a teacher.

It appreciates the fact that from Guayana to Venezuela and around the world, technologies developed by engineers with local accent that set the tone in the hard-fought digital market make their way.

IA Group and StartUp Day offer, for 5 years, alternatives based on artificial intelligence, which facilitate the interaction of brands with their customers thanks to technology.

The intention is that these options can help boost not only customer relationships, more effectively, but also reduce time and increase conversions: work is monetized.

The intention is that innovative ideas stand out in the market to be the first alternatives of users. The biggest support: technology.


Analyze the business model that is used, based on nature, the item, product or service offered are key tasks to achieve the success of a venture.

The quality, innovation, value proposition, scope and segmentation factor will also contribute to the best decision making.

This is where, during the advice to companies, the IA Group team detects key data to trace the strategies adapted to that reality.

“For example with a big data you can meet customers and advance scenarios. Statistics are studied, moments of success are measured, ”says the specialist.

One of those decisions, which add to the trends of technologies, applied to enterprises, are chat bots: automatic responses programmed when requesting some information on a website or social network.

It is one of the clearest examples of the artificial intelligence and marketing cocktail.

The theme of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is added to the possibilities to make a brand visible.

The technology also allows customers to be provided with panoramic industrial and real estate sectors or three-dimensional plans (virtual reality) on aspects of houses, constructions or remodeling.

Depending on the item, the possibilities are many.

StartUp Day opens the mind to a world of multiple options.


In addition to the orientation of entrepreneurs, in IA Group they do not neglect social responsibility and keep their programs active through StartUp Day that facilitates continuous training.

The proposals on TensorFlow.Org stand out, to guide those interested in the work through this open source library developed by Google for the construction of networks.

The web pages, the social media platform, YouTube, mobile applications, systems that facilitate transactions are now those who wish to apply strategies in the digital medium.

IA Group is projected successful, with a national and international client portfolio that continues to consolidate and make reference to quality.

To the entrepreneurs

“Insist, persist and never give up” is the main recommendation they share with entrepreneurs. The representative of the IA Group argues that sometimes the scenarios are not pink but it takes courage to take the risks of what is done with passion and conviction. It may be the case that someone desists, after fighting several battles, and was just closer to achieving great successes. That is why he insists: “insist, persist, never give up”.

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