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Important information for entrepreneurs: Advantages and Disadvantages of using GOOGLE ADWORDS

It is also called Google Ads, it is a platform created by Google in charge of the ads, Iit was launched for the first time in the year 2000 and since then it has been a leader in online media. The safest thing has happened to you when doing a Google search you have seen several results or ads related to the search topic or found on a specific page that you are visiting any type of ad even on YouTube when you see some video appear before or after some propaganda, that although you think that they are different things in fact they are not because they were all created by google adwords.

Thanks to this service many of the companies have the opportunity to pay to be able to advertise their products but it is not as easy as it seems since it requires certain procedures. One of the biggest advantages of this advertising option is the fact that its use is segmented, that is, it will only appear in the event that the user’s search is related to the subject of the advertisement, otherwise it does not appear, foot to another advantage that would be the saving in the investment that you are doing, since if it only appears in related searches you will not have to pay others.


Ads on the Search Network

Are the ads that appear at the time of search, that is, those ads that appear at the beginning or end of the page when we are looking for a specific topic, are subtitled with the word “ad” so we can know that means that they are sponsored, it is one of the most used ad options due to its large traffic of users that can make use of it, since when entering a specific topic or what in this field is called “keywords” you can find An advertisement for a company that can offer you a good service based on the problem you are seeking to solve, for example. The great advantage of this option is that the ads will only be paid if the user looks at them completely, that is until the end, otherwise the ad will be completely free.

Ads on the Display Network

This type of campaign in different web pages, news or blogs, and can reach up to 90% of google users, have selection options such as: keywords, geographical position and remarketing so that the ads go to the people who may be interested. There are several types of Display advertising:

The banners:

Are those ads that are made up of interactive elements, images, videos, animations among others.


Very similar to the banner but includes a text box where the title is located, a small description, the name of the company and URL to get more information.


These ads are located in the application’s inbox, so each user can see them when they enter. They are not as selective as the previous ones.


As the name implies, these are the ads that appear in applications made for mobile devices.

Ads on YouTube:

Surely you have already observed that when looking for some videos, you come to the beginning or end of it with an ad or propaganda of a specific topic that sometimes has no relationship with the video you are looking for, well that is also the work of google adwords, in this case the ad relationship and the video you are looking for is not very taken into account but it is set as parameters the types of users who want the video to appear, such as age, sex, interest, location among other things. The great advantage of this type of advertisement according to Youtube is that the company or the person who is requesting the advertisement will only pay it in case it is seen until the end, otherwise it will be free.

Ads in Applications:

These forms of advertising are made for those people who have applications and want to expand their field of users, after their configuration may appear ad in the search engine, in the same application of google play, YouTube or even in other applications or web pages.


Do not think that to be able to have an ad you just have to pay and go, it’s not like that, google is not based only on the best offer but also on another criterion called AD RANK that basically is composed of the quality index (IQ) and one set (maximum CPC). This quality index is calculated with an evaluation made by google based on 1-10, based on: OTR, relevance and destination page. When evaluating this, the pay offer goesogle determines the position your ad will have, the keyword for to be able to achieve it and the segmentation that will determine it.


The search engine will guide you to a URL where you can enter to register. Click where it indicates you to start the registration. Enter the google email that you will link to the account you are going to create. Follow the following steps: Describe the company you want to register, establish the first campaign and indicate the payment to be offered. Enter the destination URL (which will only appear if you click on the ad) otherwise it will not. Title: Google gives you an average of 2 lines of at least 30 characters for this, which will be separated by a script. Way: It is a fictitious but short address which must be linked to the real address of the advertisement, it appears in green and will have at least 15 characters. Description: At least 80 characters briefly describing the advertisement or the product.


It is very advisable to put the same keyword in the same ad title so that the search is much easier. Since most of the ads are paid, it would be very useful to put species of filters that are created such as placing the prices or the forms of payment or types of people that would be interested in the advertisement, that would help to filter the unnecessary clicks and reduce the investment costs . Placing the title in all capitals is highly recommended even by the same google company, that will help to get a lot more attention, try to be dynamic and entertaining avoid symbols, word repetitions, bad languages, words from superiorarity among other things.


The cost:

Very good option for all those who want to start since they have a very low cost or almost zero because it charges for every click that is done in the ad, otherwise it will be totally free.

User segmentation:

It helps you to personalize your ad according to the characteristics that you want, making it more personalized. You can enter terms such as ad location, demographic information, keywords, ad hours or even the devices for which you are browsing making the appearance of the article more selective collaborating with the savings of the investment.

Campaign control:

As this application regularly gives you information on the performance that your advertising has, you have the option to pause, change, improve it, add things so that based on the performance you have you can increase it according to your goal.


Ad position:

Starting is very difficult to get your ad is on the first page of the search engine since it will depend on the quality of it and the offer you give, how much are you willing to pay?

Excess competition:

Google Adwords generates an auction for each keyword it provides, which generates a lot of competition in the offers.

Does not guarantee success:

Good payment does not guarantee that you will have a good success because although you can bid for the best keywords and ad positions will also depend on the quality of the ad, the organization, the coherent and the approach you give to all options that you of the application and take advantage of them to the maximum.

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