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When do Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon recognize that they can share your data with the authorities

As time goes by we realize how much many social networks and internet services know about us thanks to the information we have been providing for years. Something that becomes scandalous if you are a person jealous of your privacy. But, despite the fact that this type of personal data…

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Are the digital voice assistants of Google, Apple and Amazon safe for the privacy of their users?

A series of privacy errors in recent months have raised new concerns about the future of digital voice assistants, a growing market considered by some to be the next frontier of computing. Recent incidents involving devices from Google, Apple and Amazon giants show that despite the strong growth in the…

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Former Google employee launches project to promote ethics in technology

Jack Poulson worked as senior research scientist for Google until his resignation on August 31, 2018 for being against Google’s project to develop a censored search engine in China that caused a scandal in the company. He did not want to participate in a company that would censor information at…

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US investigates Twitter, Facebook and Google for unfair competition

Mobile phone with Facebook and Twitter applications among others. The US says it is reviewing how technology companies have gained power in the market and if they have engaged in practices that harm competition The US Department of Justice announced Tuesday that it has opened an investigation into the business…

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This is how Google Maps works: images, satellites, data and a great team

Google Maps is based on several elements such as satellite images, official data and a human verification team so that your service is accurate and can help users to be located in the places as closely as possible. The Google navigation application is built in a careful way and each…

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Google’s new startup: The big tech is betting on a new social network

April was the month in which Google+ was officially fired, however, the search company is now betting on a new social network. All about Shoelace Google presents Shoelace, designed by Area 120, one of the Startups belonging to the search giant, in Mountain View. Although the company was not fully…

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