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Improve The Positioning Of Your Contents With This Plagiarism Checker API

Looking to position your content in the first result of search engines? Well, try this plagiarism checker API and successfully achieve it. 

Internet search engines are sites that allow users and potential clients to find content stored on various network servers. They are important because they function as search engines. Those that allow a user to access various sources of data at the same time.

Search engines are the gateway to the immensity of information available on the Internet. Here it is only necessary to type the keywords related to the subject of interest for a search engine to provide a large number of websites related to the searched topic.

Numerous studies show that 84% of users never reach the third page.  Actually, some state that only the first three results have 100% visibility. Therefore, it is essential to appear on this first page. Also, at the top, among the first organic or natural results. One of the first rules that will allow your company to position first is following the zero plagiarism policy. You can make sure to never post duplicated content with a Plagiarism checker API. 

Improve The Positioning Of Your Contents With This Plagiarism Checker API

Avoid Plagiarism

As in any other area, a penalty has the objective of punishing a failure, or an attitude of bad faith. As one of the main traffic acquisition tools on the internet, search engines have rules to position the best pages at the top.

Full or partial copying of content is considered a serious violation of Google’s guidelines. Plagiarism is certainly not a recommendation. The bot easily identifies such a practice (even with some word alterations) and it will certainly hurt page rankings.

To avoid it produce original content. The texts can be produced based on other articles, but never copy the identical information. For this, the use of different references is recommended.

Evidently, companies and writers must avoid plagiarism if they want their content to reach potential users and clients. Hence, if they work with a constant generation of content one of the tools they should be working on by now is a plagiarism checker API. 

Thanks to a plagiarism checker API, it is possible to prevent any duplicated content that could risk the chances of lowering or penalizing your company. This way the odds of enhancing your positioning on Google will be in your favor. 

Plaraphy: Plagiarism Checker API

Plaraphy is a plagiarism API that offers a first-rate infrastructure that makes it possible to identify copied information in the most efficient and accurate manner. Plaraphy’s API also allows for synthesizing, updating, categorizing, and much more.

Companies will benefit from the API. Not only in terms of improving its positioning and reputation but also in terms of the originality and strategic abilities it offers. As a result, with Plaraphy companies will have the power to catch any plagiarism in the content, rewrite, and create unique ones. 

Moreover, with Plaraphy it is also possible to analyze the sentiment of texts. Hence, this feature will also help you understand better the brain and thoughts behind the words of your clients and users.

Improve The Positioning Of Your Contents With This Plagiarism Checker API

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