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Improve Your Competitors Database Using These APIs

Do you have a business? Do you know that you have to keep an eye on your competitors in order to learn from them? To learn more, read this article!

You’ve certainly heard that analyzing the competition is a smart practice to follow while working on a business project, but you’ve probably never given it much thought as to why it’s so vital to do so, if at all. It had never occurred to you to do so.

However, keep in mind that this is a critical responsibility for reaching all of your objectives, just as vital as working to maintain a positive corporate image, caring for clients and providing excellent service, or maintaining social media activity, among many other responsibilities.

To obtain optimal data about our rivals, we must first learn about the thoughts and comments of their consumers. This is a necessary step in determining the strengths and flaws of your service. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on mentions on social media and in the online news for this.

Improve Your Competitors Database Using These APIs

Knowing what customers think about what is done successfully or poorly in each of our competitors’ companies is a fantastic source of inspiration for designing our own offer while taking into consideration the probable blunders that have previously been made in our industry.

All of a client’s complaints, claims, or opinions expressed on social media, forums, or comment sites tell us what is most appreciated or rejected, as well as identifying the best moment to act. For this task, we could have sites that do it for us. Here are four sites that could help you:


For the record, one of the most recommended it´s Klazify which is a software, online, and mobile application content classification firm. The employees strive to not only meet but also surpass your expectations. They are always upgrading their goods and services in order to further adapt Klazify items to meet your demands.

Improve Your Competitors Database Using These APIs

To make the product function, you’ll need to perform an API request to retrieve the most recent logo for any organization. The APIs are real-time, so you can receive results for even the most obscure and new brands with only one API request.

Klazify’s Website Categorization API scans a website’s content and meta tags with a machine learning (ML) engine. It collects text in order to categorise the site and apply up to five different labels to it.


Webshrinker is a site that use a technology that uses artificial intelligence to scan, collect, and classify billions of websites per day. Their intelligence technologies have classified over 380 million webpages and re-scan the internet every five days.

Improve Your Competitors Database Using These APIs

For millions of users across the world, the data enables web filtering, endpoint protection, sophisticated ad targeting, and contextual safety. Unlike the rest, they use human intelligence to verify our site categorizations. Web Shrinker provides the quickest domain categorization service available. We don’t categorize threats based on static threat feeds or self-reporting. Instead, they employ proprietary AI to search the whole internet, including newly registered domains, on a regular basis.

URL Classification

Improve Your Competitors Database Using These APIs

Keywords Standings Ltd. is an Israeli firm founded in 2017 and owned entirely by Barak Weichselbaum, an entrepreneur since 2010 and former military intelligence programmer.

He has created security technologies, end-user protection, and parental control interfaces in the commercial sphere. Keywords Standings offers URL classification services to small businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, and everyone in between, using servers strategically located throughout the world. Using proprietary algorithms, Keywords Standings classifies websites by domain for the entire site or by page. Over 20 million keywords and phrases in 20 languages, as well as 50 million URLs, are in our database, with more being added organically in real time.


Improve Your Competitors Database Using These APIs

The web page It’s a worldwide brand registry that makes brands more accessible to everyone and gives businesses more control over their brand assets. They provide you complete control of your brand anywhere it is presented thanks to a network of direct connectors on hundreds of platforms. They claim that the platforms are on a mission to organize and make the creative world more accessible to everyone.

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