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Similar Sites To Clearbit For Company Data

Are you registered in clearbit? Do you want to find an alternative to this platform?

Clearbit is a consumer contact marketing data engine. The platform assists clients in growing their businesses by delivering tools that enable them to better understand their consumers, discover potential opportunities, and customize each marketing and sales encounter.

It was established in 2015 by the engineer Alex MacCaw, Amit Vasudev who is the executive, Andrew O’Neal, the advisory services, Harlow Ward, who is a senior executive, the investor Matt Sornson, and the software engineer Rob Holland.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers and businesses use Clearbit every day, and the site enriches over 500 million data weekly, providing thousands of businesses a better knowledge of their clients.

But, if you are already registered on the page, you will already know all this. Because not all data search or URL categorization pages are perfect or can fail, we bring you three options to broaden your horizons and your business:


For the record, Klazify, a software, internet, and mobile application content classification business, is one of the most highly recommended. Employees work hard to not just meet, but to exceed, your expectations. They are always improving their products and services in order to further tailor Klazify things to your needs.

You’ll need to make an API call to get the latest recent logo for each organization in order for the product to work. Because the APIs are live, you can get results for even the most obscure and new brands with a single API call. The Website Categorization API from Klazify uses a machine learning (ML) engine to scan a website’s content and meta tags. It gathers text in order to categorize and apply to the site.


Webshrinker is a website that utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to scan, gather, and classify billions of webpages every day. Their technology has categorised over 380 million webpages and re-scans the internet every five days.

The data allows online filtering, endpoint protection, smart ad targeting, and contextual safety for millions of people across the world. They employ human intelligence to check our site categorizations, unlike the others. The fastest domain categorization solution accessible is provided by Web Shrinker. Threats aren’t classified based on static threat feeds or self-reporting. Instead, they use proprietary AI to search the whole internet on a daily basis, including freshly registered domains.


The website It’s a global brand registry that makes brands more accessible to the general public while also giving businesses more control over their brand assets. Thanks to a network of direct connectors on hundreds of platforms, they provide you ultimate control over your brand everywhere it appears. The platforms, they assert, are on a mission to organize the creative world and make it more accessible to everyone.

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