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Innovation in startups: Bengaluru introduces phone-tracking android app

TrackMyPhone uses WhatsApp to carry out many of its functions

Bengaluru based startup TrackMyPhones has come up with yet another mobile tracking service which shall let family members and close friends keep a tab on one another, constantly.

Called ‘Track My Phone’ it can help the user locate the phone by playing a loud siren, vibrating or turning on its flashlight to info. It can even share location and battery status to contacts through WhatsApp.

The co-founder of the startup Mr.Shrinidhi Karanth said the app is targeted to people who might not be technologically savvy, as well as to help with accident/ emergency response. “During emergencies such as accidents, one can locate the injured person them through this app assuming they may not be able to reply or respond to any other communication mode”, he said.

What about security and privacy?

However, addressing the concern over security and privacy, Srihari added, “Commands needs to be sent with 4 digit pin. The user must add contacts to the white list in the app, only then the app will reply to the commands from that specific contact. Only an authorized user will be getting the reply to ensure safety and security.”

The app also works when the command is sent via WhatsApp groups when everyone in the group has the app installed and it is on the white list.

As per the company, TrackMyPhone using WhatsApp allows performing following list of commands during emergencies:

  • Help PIN: Sends the list of Commands that can be executed.
  • Location PIN: Get the Google Map location of the device. GPS needs to be enabled for this to work.
  • Siren PIN: Rings a loud siren by increasing the volume even when the mobile is in silent mode. Helps track the phone when misplaced.
  • Vibrate PIN: Vibrates the phone for 10 seconds.
  • Torch PIN: Switches flashlight on for 30 seconds.
  • Battery PIN: Get the battery charge status to keep yourself informed about how low the battery is.
  • App PIN: Replies with App URL, for others to download.

The app is currently only available for Android phones.

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