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Is There An Affordable API for Currency Conversion?

Do you need an affordable currency conversion API? If so, we have the right one for you.

If you’re thinking about expanding your business to a global market, you’re probably looking for an API for currency conversion. However, if you’ve ever looked into the cost of purchasing data from a foreign exchange API, you know that it can be expensive. Just because the price is high doesn’t mean the quality is good, and even if it is high-quality, would that justify the cost?

Luckily, there are affordable, and even free, APIs available that provide accurate, real-time, and historical exchange rates. You can use this data to inform your decision-making process and keep ahead of what’s happening in the global market. Here we will show you one of the best:

Is There An Affordable API for Currency Conversion?

Use Exchangr API for you Currency Conversion needs.

Exchangr is a JSON format API that provides users with access to current and historical currency conversion and rates. Its forex data is gathered from a variety of reliable sources and banks. As a result, you will have immediate access to data for aroun 170 world currencies. This rates and conversions will be updated on a regular basis, with intervals ranging from one hours to one minute.

Exchangr is the best forex API for business, as it helps you to get the best of currency exchange. You can be ahead of what is going on and make profits with this API for currency conversion. Exchangr also works as a foreign currency tracker API, since it lets you know what is happening in the global market.

Furthermore, with this real-time forex API you can make wise decisions regarding the policies of the global market. In addition, you can use Exchangr API to know what can possibly happen in the global market through the analysis of its historical data!

Is There An Affordable API for Currency Conversion?

Is Exchangr API affordable?

Yes, this is an affordable currency conversion API. You can choose between use Exchangr’s Small Version that is fro free; or pay a budget-friendly price for paid-plans with advanced API access and more perks. If you choose the first option you will get all of this without spending a cent:

  • 100 API calls a month
  • Limited Support
  • One hour Updates
  • Historical Data
  • All Base Currencies
  • Conversion Endpoint
  • Timeseries Endpoint
  • Fluctuation Endpoint

And if you decide to paid $10 per month for Exchangr’s Growth Version, in addition to all of the above, you will obtain: 10.000 API calls per month, access to Premium Support, updates every 10 minutes, and more! You can see for yourself which plan is more suited for your need in here.

There is no doubt that this amazing currency conversion and rates API is what you are looking for! Don’t waste more time and start benefiting from this affordable API right now!

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